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Ano Doliana, "To Tambour Victories" And His "Battle Of The Dolians". 1821

Greece Peloponnese

The Historical and Folklore Museum "The Tambourine of Nikitaras", housed in the Christofili house, at the village Ano Doliana.

THE Nikitaras or Νικήτας Σταματελόπουλος (1781 -1849), was its chief of the Greek Revolution 1821 and the great protagonist of the victorious one Battle of the Dolians (18-5-1821), γι’ this is what gave it the nickname Turkey eater. OR Battle of the Dolians it was her battle of the Greek Revolution 1821. «The Tambourine of Nikitaras», monument, it is the house in which Nikitaras was fortified, along with his lads, waiting for the Turks to enter the village.

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The Dolian Cultural Association turned it into Historical and Folklore Museum, with old objects of daily use, clothes, books etc., Entry is free and there is a guided tour where you will learn all about the Battle of Doliani.

the Ano Doliana is a village of the Municipality of North Kynouria, of Law. Arcadia, built amphitheatrically at 1.050 m., Steve. slope of Parnon, inside chestnuts, walnut, olives, trees. It has nice stone-built houses, hostels, traditional square with a cafe, taverns, την εκκλησία της Παναγίας και τα ξωκλήσια του Αϊ Γιώργη και του Αϊ Γιάννη.

Traditional cafe "Kyra Vouli"

Church of Panagia or Dormition of the Virgin, in Ano Dolianon square

OR Chestnut Festival Ano Dolianon every year, the 1The Saturday in November, in which chestnut sweets are offered, moonshine, wine. the Ano Doliana have few permanent residents as most live in Kato Doliana, which is also the seat of the Dolian Community, of the Municipality of North Kynouria.

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They are far away 33 km from Astros Kynourias, 25 km from Malevi Monastery, 20 km from Tripoli and 175 km from Athens. The Dolianites used to live in Kato Doliana in winter and in Ano in summer, taking with them the icon of St. Georgiou, from the chapel of the same name.

at List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Greece has included "Transfer of the image of Ai George from Ano Doliana to Kato and vice versa», which is done on foot and accompanied by a crowd of people, through old paths, in memory of this transfer (duration 8 hours, each year, the 1or Sunday in November). The icon is housed in the church of Ag. Nikolaou Kato Dolianon, where it remains there in the winter, and returns after 6 months in Ano Doliana, for the summer.


In the old archives of the village, you will find a small copy in the Museum "The Tambourine of Nikitaras», the following are mentioned : THE Nikitaras and his men, they started early in the morning 18th May 1821 from Doliana, in which they had spent the night, and Nafplio, in order to get war supplies for the games. The Dolianites, as soon as they realized that the Turks were approaching the village, προλαβαίνουν το Νικηταρά στο ξωκλήσι του Αϊ Γιάννη και του ζητούν να τους βοηθήσει.

Ano Doliana and the chapel of Agiannis on the hill

Nikitaras accepted, despite the reactions of his brother who was angry with the Dolianites, from the night before, for a woman. «My brother, I, for the Persians, am going to Anapli to visit, and now that I have brought them here to leave them; I don't do it», he answered his brother. at Battle of the Dolians they took part approx 300 fighters, Nikitaras, with his brother and 150 lads, the Dolianites led by Mitromaras and several Agiopetrites.

Nikitaras with his lads fortified themselves in 3 village houses, Nikitaras at the house of the Christofilis brothers, while the other fighters in others 13 houses.

The Turks, led by him Kehayabei, unsuspecting of the organized resistance of the Dolianites, they comfortably entered the first houses of the village and set up their headquarters, with artillery (4.000 men and cannons), στο ξωκλήσι του Αϊ Γιώργη.

Ο Νικηταράς, as a leader, came forward, fought hard against the numerous Turks, exterminated too many, γι’ that's what they told him Turkish eater.

The Dolianites honored the hero Nikitaras, they made a bust of him, they set up a commemorative plaque to Ai Giannis, where he rested before the battle and they named it 18or May official holiday, with commemorative events (each year, the 1or Κυριακή που ακολουθεί).

In Ano Doliana, at 9-7-1825, έγινε και 2or victorious battle, where Ypsilantis forced Ibrahim to flee to Arachova (Karyes) Laconia, without disbanding the largest camp of the Greeks, which existed in the neighboring village of Verbena.


The Forest Village "Ano Doliana" Located in altitude 1.180 m., in B. slopes of Parnon, in Ano Doliana Kynouria, 20 km SE of Tripoli.

Forest Village "Ano Doliana"

The Forest Village "Ano Doliana" has a buffet restaurant, fireplace and terrace with a wonderful view, in which you can also sit as a simple guest, eat, to drink coffee, Mountain Tea, sweets etc., for reservation on tel. : 6978971575.

In one stretch 29 acres you will find 19 wooden houses, fully equipped, with 1st 2 bedrooms, dining room with fireplace, kitchen and bathroom. They are available for rent and can accommodate up to 8 people, information on tel. : 6978971575. During your stay in Forest Village, you will have the opportunity to go on nature excursions, in the dense chestnut forest of Ai Giannis with the wooden bridges and some other activities organized by the owner.



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