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Arolithos, A Thematic – Traditional Cretan Village

Greece Crete

THE Arolithos it is one authentic Cretan village which was created with the aim of promoting Cretan hospitality and preserving traditions and customs.

Arolithos, from sperm and stone meaning the stone pit that fills with rainwater. This is a theme, alternative, agritourism, cultural village, built on the side of a hill, overlooking the city of Heraklion.

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It is a private space that has hotel 4*, with 35 rooms, pool, tavern, with Cretan dishes, traditional Cretan cafe, with a nice yard, Lecture Hall, grocery store, with local products, gift shop and chapel, ideal for WeddingsBaptisms but also for his celebration Easter. They are also organized in the village cooking lessons (B.C. bread kneading) but also dance classes (in groups).

You can come to Cobblestone and as ordinary visitor, for a pleasant walk, for a dip in the pool, coffee and food (pets are allowed). It is an ideal place for children and for schools, as cars are prohibited inside the village.

in freshwater pool, there is also a children's, you can swim freely, paying a small fee that includes a side dish from the snack bar (period May-October).

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In Arolithos, you will time travel through the Museum of Rural History and Folk art, the Textile Art Workshop, the Sideradiko both traditional Cretan houses, which are representative examples of Cretan architecture.

The Museum of Rural History and Folk art, has old furniture, household objects, embroidery, woven etc. (entrance with token ticket).

The Laboratory Textile Art and Blacksmith's, with the blacksmith's loom and equipment, they were two traditional professions that have now disappeared.

The two traditional Cretan houses, an old house of the Malevizi area, representative sample of his mountain farmhouse 19th c., and a house of a wealthy family, they will transport you to another era.


THE Arolithos is located very close to the city of Heraklion, Crete, in the 11The km of the Old National Road of Heraklion - Rethymno, Servili area of ​​Tylissou, tel. : 2810 821050,

Access also by intercity bus KTEL Heraklion (tel. : 2810246530), from the Hanioporta Heraklion station and the route Heraklion – Anogeia, which stops outside Arolithos.

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