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Idyllic Vilia – Villia, Attica

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The Villia belong to the Municipality of Mandra - romance, West Attica. They are built in 550 m. sea ​​surface, at the foot of the mountain Kitheronas. Refrain from Athens 56 km and is accessible from the Old National Road Athens - Thiva. After passing the free wine and before we get to Casa region, the sign to Villia, turn left.


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Source : Konstantinos Papakonstantinou, “MONOGRAPH Villa-drooped”, version 1981.
Teacher Elementary School in Villia 1942 until 1963.

For the name there Villia 3 versions :

  • at the beginning called Romances, then because they could not pronounce the word correctly residents became Dyllia and end Villia. *
  • the Albanian name Filarchou
  • from the Frankish word "villa".

Because the municipality called romances rather applies the first version, he believes and Constantine Papaconstantinou and . Latest word Villia see the written and with a 'k' ie. Vilia but rather be wrong if we accept the version Romances.

sel21 Constantine Papakonstantinou MONOGRAPH Villa tilted version 1981

sel21 Constantine Papakonstantinou MONOGRAPH Villa tilted version 1981

sel22 Constantine Papakonstantinou MONOGRAPH Villa tilted version 1981

sel22 Constantine Papakonstantinou MONOGRAPH Villa tilted version 1981











The village church, dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior, It is the work of Ernst Ziller (1893). Byzantine is, cruciform, domed. Next to the big church you will see the small post-Byzantine church of the Archangels (1637), formula Trikliti royal Bounce. It has inside 2 rows of columns divide the church into 3 parts (address for service). If it is open you will see the old frescoes and mosaic flooring.

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In the great square of the Transfiguration church there is a small playground and opposite the Hotel IDILLION. In the street behind the hotel runs IDILLION Folklore Museum Villia. In a small house with a garden you will see on the ground local costumes, a loom, woven bedding, bedding, bridal bed, useful tools and basement revive old trades now extinct.


festival is held

In celebration of the Transfiguration of the Savior, at 5 and 6 August is a big festival. Stay after Mass and the procession of the image becomes large feast with songs and dances, which lasts until morning. The main street of the village closes as all taverns, after the procession of the image, They are setting up tables and chairs in the street and spit serving dishes with music.

At 15 August celebrates the small church of Panagitsa, dedicated to the Assumption and St. Demetrius. Located in a beautiful location, the highest point of the village (600 m) with trees and a fountain that constantly runs water from the mountain. built in the 14The century. and well worth a visit for its beautiful view has over the village.

If you find yourself in Villia St. George will experience the festival with the participation of horses. On the day of the morning morning feast, residents go to the chapel of St. George, Paleochori (4 km from Villia on the way to W. Germeno) and after Operation circling. Then follows the procession with horses and riders, wearing fustanellas, To reach the main square of Villia. There, along with residents, who in the meantime they have returned to their cars from the chapel, erecting the last dance before scrapped.

In Villia was born and the great actress Ellie Lambeti so Verori in the area there is a small statue in a small square. Held every August in honor of, the Lampeteia, including various events (theater, music etc.).


The main road through the village, the I. Sakellariou, It is the way in which are concentrated all landmarks.

CAFES – Barack

ZATHEON, modern decoration, nice coffee. Located after the bus, opposite the pharmacy.

CAFFEAT, coffee, crepes.

WISH, Coffee-club.

MUSIC CAFE, coffee, rakomelo and sometimes live music.


ROUSSIS, Best courtyard, drink coffee under the trees and enjoy amygdalopita (the recipe is a secret from his grandfather, son and now his grandson), baklava, GALAKTOBOUREKO, donuts, chocolate pie, etc..

ALKYONIDES, for amygdalopita with ice cream.


The ELATOS, spit and classic. At the beginning of the main street, opposite the square pavilion. From here you can buy fresh meat.

ANGELA, tavern, located in the square, next to the pharmacy and behind the unique pavilion.

LIKE OLD TIMES, opposite the Town Hall, spit with meat and many dishes. It has a fireplace for winter and a courtyard for summer.

OI MOURIES, restaurant - tavern. Located just above City Hall, to the left, on the main road.

The TAVERN OF JOY, Verori is in position opposite the statue of Ellis Lambeti. Many Cretan dishes, "Tzotziles", handmade pasta of Villia, nice salads and various meat. In winter you can eat next to the large fireplace and summer garden under trees.

LESTORI, tavern spit etc.. In the square with the statue of Ellis Lambeti.


Adjacent to City Hall, opposite the bus and Tri-Round, to Verori with tables on the street. Pizza at Pizzeria in place Verori.


THE OVEN OF ISMINIS, next to City Hall, the side, even bake oven Wood (bread and food). traditional bread, homemade pie, spinach pie, packaged cookies.

STAMOU, the main road is annex oven. Besides bread here you find the best scones Coffee ie Almond, Must Cookies, etc..


In Mary's store find clothes at great prices, in black or white and fashionable accessories.

In Emily's shop, next to Mary, find handmade jewelry and accessories such as handbags, scarves, gifts.


Before leaving to buy local meat, bread, many sweets and cookies for the road.


HOTEL Idillion, HOTEL ARION, HOTEL Verori. These hotels remain open year-round.


The mountain has an altitude 1.411 m with the highest peak "Prophet Elias" from the chapel or "Top of Zeus". peak "Lestori 'formed to downloads (1.001 m), at the foot of which are built Villia, the "Stone Stavraetou" (975 m) and "Pastra" (1.048 m). In the mountains then joins Parnitha. The rocks are limestone mountains and vegetation to the 700 m is pine and then up to the top is spruce. At "PETAL", in altitude 1.090 m, 9,5 km from Villia, there is the shelter "V.Tsakos". It belongs to the Greek Mountaineering Association Eleusis features 25 beds.


In mythology Kitheron was king of Plataea and brother Helicon. Because it was too bad he killed his brother and knocked down from a high cliff. Then Zeus cursed him and became a mountain.

In Pindar called Asterios. Another name was Zatheon as it was sacred mountain of Dionysus, the god of wine and feast. Dionyssis always followed Maenads, ordinary mortal and Satyrs, junior gods, with horns. The Maenads accompanied by the lyre of Orpheus god of music, after dance, They fell into a trance and with Satyrs indulging in orgies, the Kithaironeia orgies (each 3 years).

Here the god Zeus was worshiped by the goddess Hera 2 celebrations were held at the top of Kitheronas, where is the church of Pr. Elias. The Great Daedalus each 60 years and Minor Daedalus each 4 years.

Also in the fir Kitheronas lob the Oedipus, son Laiou, King of Thebes. The Laios took oracle of Delphi oracle that he would kill the child who would become. When Oedipus the bored walk born ankles crossed ropes and gave it to his servant to go to tie the (or leave the) in Kitheronas. Oedipus means one who has swollen feet. So it happened. In Oedipus heard him cry a shepherd from Corinth, passing through the area, by Polybius, who adopted him. Eventually he learned that it's adopted went to the Oracle of Delphi to learn the truth. Rather than return to Corinth for the Viotia goes to find his real parents. On the way he meets Laius was going to get Oracle oracle. On a misunderstanding on the road kills Laius without knowing that he was the real father. From there comes to Thebes where he gets his mother Queen Jocasta and acquire together 4 children. The seer Tiresias and the shepherd who had adopted, learns that apart from parricide is incestuous. After the terrible truth Jocasta hung in pride of Oedipus and right eyes with a buckle. Blind leaves Thebes and arrives in Athens where he later died at Colonus. From this legend inspired the Sophocles' Oedipus Rex project ". In Kitheronas also killed the Actaeon, son of Aristaeus and Antinous, student of the Centaur Chiron, teacher of martial arts.

Prophet Elias Monastery

The IM. Prophet Elias is located just outside Vilia, just before reaching the village (there is relative plate). The large church was founded in 1989 next to the small old church. Apart from Pr. Elias is the church dedicated to Saint Nectarios, bishop of Pentapolis. Inside the church there is a chapel dedicated to St Elisha, student Pr. Elias. In the monastery there is also the tomb of the monastery founder, the late Samos and Ikaria Metropolitan. Panteleimon Bardakis. Inside the temple except the holy relics you will see a part of the stole of St. Nektarios. The monastery is female and currently has 6 nuns.


It is from Villia 17 km and is the seaport village, with magnificent beaches and Castle. If you want to see P. Germeno and Fortress Aigosthena recently inaugurated, at 24 November 2018, read our related articles.πόρτο-γερμενό or Aigosthena /φρούριο-αιγοσθένων/


  • Municipality Mandras - romance, tel. 213-2014900
  • Greek Mountaineering Association Eleusis (E.O.S.E.), El. Venizelos 27 & nat. resistance, Eleusis, tel. 210-5545430
  • IM. PROPHET ELIAS, tel. 22630-22315

HOTEL Verori, I. Sakellariou 69, Villia, tel. 6976879548

HOTEL Idillion, Plataea 2, Villia, tel. 22630-22262

HOTEL ARION, I. Sakellariou 39, Villia, tel. 22630-22253

Emily’s Accessories, I. Sakellariou 8, Villia, tel. 6972875236

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