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Vlachokerasia Arcadia

Greece Peloponnese

The Vlachokerasia a village of N. Arcadia, in altitude 960 m. Now belongs to D. Tripoli and abstains from Athens 177 km from Tripoli 20 km. To get to Vlachokerasia follow the Tripoli road- Sparta after Tegea, in the 20The km turn right to cherry-Vlachokerasia-Kollines.


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Ancient inhabitants were formidable warriors Arcades, the Skirites which was the Skiriti Band. They were subordinate to the Spartans but kept some freedoms. Larger settlements Skiritidas was quasi and Karyes (birthplace of Caryatids). Was an area of ​​strategic importance for the state of Sparta, as it controlled the road to Tegea. The Skiritis company consisted of men in the region (600 people), played an important role in the Spartan army. Lined honorably at the left end of Spartan stratefmatos.Kata during night driving undertook screening role as the Skiritis Band was ahead of Royal. Particular capacity exhibited against cavalry. The Skirites used as the covering method of charcoal powder, which covered their skin to avoid being noticed by the secret missions.

Larger settlements Skiritidas was quasi and Karyes (birthplace of Caryatids). The historian Pausanias, who toured the Peloponnese (180 A.D.) state the ChAT, ie. residents of Oiou Skiritidos, as one of the nine municipalities of Tegea.

Which archaeological remains found here from excavations hosted Museum of Tegea. The Archaeological Museum was founded in 1908 Situated in the village Alea. It houses mostly excavations from the Temple of Athena Alea, some pottery finds from the neighboring villages and Asea Agiorgitika, a throne from the Theater of Tegea and some sculptures Hellenistic and Roman periods.

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The name of the Vlachokerasia comes from the many cherry trees in the region. Generally it is a very fertile area, lush, comprising besides cherry, walnut, chestnut, cherries, mulberry, apple trees, olives, trees, willow etc.. An ideal destination for tourism and trekking travelogue as the next is the Forest of Skiritidas.

Sightseeing is impressive Church of the Assumption, at the main square.

It is a large church (or 3or in the country), Byzantine. Began about built in 1912 and completed in 1956 after faithful donations, mainly from abroad (expatriates from America Pittsburgh). To please the locals all emigrants Vlachokerasiotes benefactors have made an end of the church arrows pointing to different parts of the world. At 15 August if you find yourself in Vlachokerasia will take part in the feast in the village square or in the schoolyard. The festival lasts 2 days and accompanied by live music, dance, pork roast and plithos people from the surrounding villages and Athens.

You can also visit the beautiful stone chapel St. George (St. George). Other churches are St. Kon / nos, the Apostles, Agios Nikolaos, Prophet Elias (Ai Lias), Panagitsa, Agia Irini etc. At 21 May the feast of St. Kon / mind and 20 July in celebration of Prophet Elias are festivals under the auspices of the "Association Vlachokerasioton Attica" songs, dance and food that make the locals in their homes.

Passing through the central market or from St. George will see the old stone fountains that were used to supply water to the village today are fed from the main water network. In the northwest of the village there is a wind farm.


There are many accommodations in the area, indicatively mention the hotel Forest in Medias Mores. It is a beautiful Boutique Hotel located at an altitude 1110 m in Vlachokerasia. stone is, following the architecture of the site and provides guests dining in the elegant restaurant, free parking and free Wi Fi. Also on site are a shared lounge, cafeteria and space available for various events.


It is the largest artificial Park Greece, covering almost the entire area of ​​the Alepochori, Cherry, Vlachokerasia, Kollines up the Kaltezes. The Skiritida located in the southern part of the county border with Lakonia. Is approximately 50.000 ha. and altitude ranges from 650 – 1120 m. East there Parnonas, west and north Taygetos Mainalo. From here springs the river Eurotas where after a route 82 Km flows into the Gulf of Laconia. At the beginning of the river is an artificial dam for water supply in the region.

There was the vision and creation of forester Stefanos Anastasiou was born in Cherry Arcadia (1893). The Skiritidas Forest is a magical forest full of black pine, firs, Oak, chestnut. In altitude 1119 m we find St. Christopher into the chestnut contemplate Parnon and Taygetos.


From the forest begins a trail Skiritidas 14 km, red marking and duration ranging from 6- 8 hours. the 4 km passing through the forest, the 6 km follow the river and the rest 4 to around the Vlachokerasia. The path follows a circular route starting east of the village, passes from the first houses, It continues south and returns from the west side. The route is through chestnut, pine, trees, willows and reeds. On your way you can collect wild oregano or wild blueberries. The trail follows the dirt road of the village, enters into fields and passes near the waters of the river, following the flow of water.


IMIMARATHONIOS 21.0975 m (20 km)

Start time : 17.00
The Half Marathon Trail is the village Vlachokerasia.
The End is in St. Constantine area in the village Kollines.
Arrival time runners : 16.00

RACE 10.000 m (10 km)

Description of Route: The start of the race is given by

Forest fire lookout station Skiritidas.

The End is in St. Constantine area in the village Kollines.
Arrival time runners : 16.00

RACE 5.000 m (5 km)

Start time: 17.00
Description of Route: The start of the race is given by the village entrance Kollines.
The End is in St. Constantine area in the village Kollines.
Arrival time runners at the starting line: 16.00


The start of the race is from the Holy Apostles and the End is before courts (basket ball, tennis, football) in St. Constantine Collins area, like all the roads of the event.

The official closing date of entries, the manufacture 9 June 2017.

Start Time Match: 17:00

The Routes of the Games is charted :

Besides the marathon organized riding and car rally note that horse races and rallies took place in areas where our ancestors had their granaries, vineyards and pastures.



The Kollines is this village belongs to D. Tripoli. Refrain from Vlachokerasia 17 km, Tripoli about 38 km. Located near the Park of Skiritidas. The altitude is the Dutch Kollines 660 m in the Upper Kollines 780 m. The houses are built according to traditional architecture, stone and tile roof.

In the central square is dominated by the large church dedicated to Nativity of the Virgin Mary, the city's patron saint. In celebration of (7/9 and 8/9) if you find yourself here you will participate in a festival. There is also a small chapel dedicated to Saint Constantine where the 21 May is celebrated. The area is full of chestnuts, cherry and olive trees. Famous was the Kolliniatiko wine and oil in the region.

On Kollines located Arcadian Ecological Farm, a sophisticated animal production plant and cheese Bio. Operating since 2001 in a beautiful area 15.000 ha. and among other things has a small pond, with ducks and geese and about 50 ostriches roam proudly looking visitors.


Located in Tripoli street - Megalopolis, turn left at signs to Asea. Refrain from Vlachokerasia 6,5 km from Tripoli 18 km. The village is situated at an altitude 760 m in chestnut and walnut.

Worth a visit to see Bridge Mannar. It is the old stone, eight arches, bridge rail Tripoli - line. It is the largest viaduct in Greece (116 m) and built in 1898 of French engineers. Symbolically the OSE recently held a twinning with Bridge Rion -Antirriou. Twinning was because the bridge started on time X. Trikoupi, realizing the vision of the railway in the Peloponnese and the Rio bridge – Antirio named "Charilaos Trikoupis" as he had envisioned this link. Bridge Mannar has been the subject of study and research by professors of NTUA and engineers of OSE. Apart from design and construction method of the stands in this position over 100 years without having done some repair or maintenance of the old masonry of.

In the village square there is a large Church of St. George, donations made by emigrants Manarioton. Opposite the church is small Folklore Museum and refreshment, also made donations.


Refrain from Vlachokerasia 18 km from Tripoli 20 km. It owes its name to the son of the king of Sparta Lykaona, Aseati.

It consists of Kato Asea, located on the road Tripoli - Megalopolis and Ano Asea, which is the old mountain Asea, within 5km.

Near Kato Asea is the ancient Arcadian city Asea. The excavations unearthed many artifacts found in the Tripoli Museum, Tegea and Nafplio. Ano Asea, on top of the Prophet Elias hill there are findings of the foundations of an ancient temple.

It is the birthplace of the poet and lyricist Nikos Gatsos.


The monastery is located on the border of law. Arcadia with N. Laconia, in the distance 2,5 km from the outskirts of the village Kaltezes. It is from about Vlachokerasia 28 km from Tripoli 31 km. To get someone here should follow the road Tripoli - Kalamata and after Kato Asea make left.

It is located at an altitude 680 m in a beautiful place full of old oak, cypress, chestnut. It is known as Aghios Nikolaos Kaltezon as vision after the faithful Electricity. Lyra maker found the miraculous icon of St.. After that the lyra maker became a monk with the name of Ananias and slowly created the monastery. It is said that during the revolution 1821 that Kolokotronis took refuge in the monastery. After praying to St. Nicholas was saved from certain death because the Turks were waiting for him at the monastery entrance to kill him. Furthermore the monastery 1821 It functioned as a secret school and ammunition depot.

Above the door of the Catholic monastery there is an inscription that says in there 26 Of March 1821 the Peloponnesian Senate and sworn established consisting of 40 notables who had administrative duties, financially, legal etc..

The Monastery Kaltezon is triune and is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the Transfiguration of Christ and the Prophet Elijah. It belongs to the type of cross-domed and is supported on 6 columns. West of the yard is the chapel of Agios Nektarios, the cemetery of the monastery.

The monastery celebrates 6 times a year as follows :

-at 6 December on the feast of St. Nicholas

-at 14 September day Exaltation of the Holy Cross, where a festival

-at 26 May to commemorate the inauguration of the Peloponnesian Senate 1821

-at 20 July in celebration of Prophet Elias

-at 6 August of the Transfiguration

-at 9 November St. Nektarios of Aegina


D. Tripoli, g. Dim. unity Tripoli, tel. : 2713600421, 2713600489

Monastery Kaltezon : Kato Asea, tel. 27910-23535

www.rivertrekkiνg : Marousi, Attica, tel. 210-3310323

SAOO : Club Arcades Climber Ecologists, Tripoli, tel. 2710234980

Forests in the manner, Boutique Hotel, Vlachokerasia Arcadia, tel. 2711104099

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  1. As for the name:
    1. The cherry tree is certainly native to the Area.
    2. A bumpkin went through the village and residents because of their noble character and their ancient origin (by the Greeks: Xenios Zeus) , They named the village Vlachokerasia.

  2. Soon there will Observatory and also hopes the promise of the Municipality of Tripoli that will restore it to the house of the great poet and finally create the museum of the great poet Nikos Gatsos!!

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