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overbearing, Livadi beach with Asimenia Ammoudia

Greece Aegean Islands

overbearing (or Bishopric) : island of Cyclades, D. of Antiparo and A. of Sifnos. in A. of Despotikos, in the Strait of Antiparos, is the Tsimintiri islet (or Cemetery) and in the SW. of Despotic to Sifnos, or Round island (or Round).

The cluster of all these islands, like the Antiparos, the Saliago, the Panteronisia, the Reumatonisi etc.. are around her Paro.

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  • Island uninhabited, characterized Archaeological site, with beautiful beaches.
  • Livadi Despotikou beach : N., Arcos beach, windless, with unique silver sand and wonderful turquoise waters. It is considered one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades.
  • Archaeological Site of Despotikou (ancient Prepesinthos) : position Paddock, in the Antiparos Strait, across from him Agios Georgios Antiparos and the island Tsimintiri. It is archaic Sanctuary of Apollo with adoration 6th century. B.C.


From Antiparos

  • Saint George (Saint George) Antiparo overbearing, boat that runs daily routes (the summer months), to overbearingArchaeological siteMeadow beach, , captain Georgios Marianos or "Sargos», tel. : 6973 794876.

From Paro

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From Sifnos

  • With boats that run private cruises in AntiparosoverbearingMeadow beach – Panteronisia – Epitaph of Antiparos,

    Indicatively :

    A La Mer – Sifnos Boat Rentals,

Panteronisia – source :



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