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Curries of Laconia, This is where the Caryatids were born

Greece Peloponnese

The Karyes Laconia (formerly Arachova or Arachova) are built at the foot of Mount Parnon, to 950 m., next to a dense forest with oak trees, chestnut, walnut, pines and firs.

They are located near the villages Varvitsa (6 km) and Vamvakou (12 km) at a distance 35 Km from Sparta and 37 km from Tripoli.

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Karyes – "Monument of the Caryatids"

The 1983, the Association of Apantachou Karyotes placed in Karyes Laconia, in Alonia, where she was ancient Acropolis of Karia, the "Monument of the Caryatids». They created a faithful copy of Caryatids of his Temple Erechtheus of Athens, to remind everyone that on The Caryatids were born from Caryas.

According to historians, the ancient Karyes, the sanctuary of Artemis Caryatid and sacred oak forest of Zeus Scotita, are placed somewhere here, that is, between ancient sparta and ancient Tegea, on today's Karyes.

According to the traveler Pausanias, the sanctuary of Artemis Caryatid, which was the place of worship of the goddess Artemis, was located in the place where the building is today Church of Our Lady (1900).

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In the same place, there is a spring with plenty of water and the "Platania of Menelaus" (3.000 years), which are said to have been planted by the Spartan king Menelaus.

The Caryatids, that is, the Daughters of the Carians, they were village girls, virgin priestesses, with perfect fit, which danced in Caryatia, an annual festival in honor of the goddess Artemis.

The Daughters of the Carians, with their beauty, they even inspired the sculptors of ancient Greece. The female sculptured statues, which mainly decorated the facades of the buildings, they were called Caryatids, with more characteristic ones Caryatids of Erechtheus of the Acropolis of Athens.

Central square of Karion

in central square of Karion you will find traditional taverns and cafes in lower square or Rachi square, Areti's Tavern, in the old cafe.

In the square you will also find workshop of traditional products of Kary, for handmade noodles, sweet, local producers for honey, aromatic herbs, goat cheese, local meat, chestnuts and walnuts (ask at the shops in the square).

Other points of interest in Karyes are church of Ag. Andreas, with her statue Freedom, the stone school, the Clock, the marble statues of the gods hearth and Demeter and her church Ag. Friday (17th c.), where a big festival takes place every two days 26/7 (Ag. Friday) and 27/7 ( Ag. Panteleimon).

Ag. Andreas or Apostolos Andreas Church of Karyon

For accommodation in Karyes you will find "The Mansion of Parnon» (1,2 km from the center of the village), the "Arachovite Huts» (4,6 km), some furnished apartments within the village (ask in stores) and guesthouses in the surrounding villages (B.C. Vamvakou).


The hiking trails Caryatides Trails, length 57 m, they are all towards the west side of the mountain. In Karies, for her fans mountain biking there are 4 cycling routes, total length 52 km, in which they are conducted International Mountain Bike Races (MTB).

The marked paths of Karia are as follows :

  • (No. 1) «The Path of the Village», 4,7 km, 1 hour and 50', altitude difference 219 m. Easy walking route, around the village, with a stop at "Monument of the Caryatids».
  • (No. 2) «The Path of the Shepherds», 7,4 km, 3 hours, mild elevation difference 227 m., ascent.
  • (No. 3) «The Ancient Path», 11,1 km, 5 hours, altitude difference 346 m., ascent. It is the oldest path of the village and passes through church Virgin and "Plane trees of Menelaus".
  • (No. 4) «The Path of Water», 4,4 km, 1 hour and 45, altitude difference 216 m.
  • (No. 5) «The Forest Path», 9,5km, 5 hours, altitude difference 465 m., ascent, in forest roads.
  • (No. 6) «The Path of Chestnut», 9,7 km, 5 h 30 ', altitude difference 219 m.

It is his most difficult route Caryatides Trails, ascent, in brown forests, parallel to the bed of its stream Saint George, in of plane trees and oaks (about 600 m.).

  • (No. 6A) «The Connecting Path», 3,9 km, 1 hour and 35', altitude difference 219 m., connects route No. 6 with No. 7.
  • (No. 6B) «Parakamtiri Skelos», 1,7 km, 50’, altitude difference 152 m., ascent.
  • (No. 7) «The Oak Trail», 5,8 km, 2 h 30 ', altitude difference 345 m., with a stop at the most beautiful oak of Parnon, position also known as "Tree of St Death».
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