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Kastellorizo ​​or Megisti

Greece Aegean Islands

Kastellorizo, from Castello Rosso (red Castle). Is the Fortress built by the Knights on red hill.

Maximum, the official name of the island is the largest of a cluster 14 small islands. It is the oldest name of the island. Ancient Megisti, As a symbol on currency, God head Apollo Megisteas, on one side, on the other side, a bunch of grapes.

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The only settlement on the island, it's the Kastellorizo, Steve. side. Consists of 3 districts, the Fields, the wells and Mandraki, the 2The port (is about 700 m. the central). The houses, mansions, are two or three floors, painted with bright colors, authentic samples Dodecanese architecture. Most abandoned, once, as their owners emigrated to Australia. Distinguish the building Hall and the new Market.


Kastellorizo ​​has no sandy beaches, as it is rocky. The length of the coastline is 18,3 km. There are several places where you can swim and most of them are accessible by boat, water taxi or on foot. the settlement, will find stairs placed the rocks, that will help you dive into the sea.

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Areas where you can swim :

  • In front of the hotel «Maximum»
  • In the "Lighthouse"Cafe bar, with umbrellas, chairs and tables on the seafront
  • In front of the hotel «Neptune», only for customers
  • In front of the hotel "Mediterraneo», for customers

  • In the Mandraki, in front of the ""Agnanti Studios»
  • slabs, after the hotel «Maximum», access by water taxi or by trail.
  • blue Cave – Blue Cave, you can swim under the impressive dome. Accessible by water taxi (if weather permits).
  • cave Column, access by water taxi
  • Cove St. Stephen, NW. the namesake church, swimming from the rocks. Opposite are the coasts of Turkey
  • Beach St. George, the small island in the bay of Kastellorizo. Swimming below the homonymous chapel, where you will find sun loungers, umbrellas and café-restaurant.

Accessible by water taxi.

  • Ro islet, in D.. Kastelorizo. Here is the tomb and Monument of Despina Achladioti, known as Lady of Ro (1898-1982). He was the only inhabitant of the island and years fly the Greek flag here, up to 1982 deceased. Today there is the Greek Army outpost raise daily the Greek flag on the island. Swim in 2 beaches, at Holy George, with the homonymous chapel and Round. Accessible by water taxi.
  • Round islet, by Saint Nicholas and lighthouse, Stan. Accessible by water taxi.


For day trips or cruises, by water taxi :

  • «Antony» – Antonis Daily Cruises for plates, Blue Cave, Columns and nearby islets of Ro, Round, Saint George.
  • Sea Taxi Kostas, tel: 6946 178 018

Kastelorizo ​​is located opposite the town Kaş (the ancient city Antifellos), province Antalya of Turkey and is about 30 minutes by boat. You can cruise from Kastellorizo to Kaş and the island Kekova, the sunken city Dolchiste (Dolikisthe) or visit their tombs carved Lycia. Every Friday in Kaş (Bus Station) is bargain clothes, bags, CD, fresh fruit etc. (access to water taxis from Kastellorizo).


  • blue Cave or "Hole Parasta" or "Fokiali", in tO. Island's, to the Grand Nifti.

Famous worldwide and top attraction of the island. She has striking blue color, because of the sun's reflection on water, huge dome (dimensions 75CH40CH35) and white stalactites. Here refuge seals monahus - monahus for’ This is also called "Fokiali».

Access : by water taxi, especially early in the morning and calm sea, as the opening is only 1m.

  • caves Columns, Fotsaliki, Arnaoutis and Katrantzi.

Access : by water taxi

  • Castle of the Knights of St. John (14th).

Built by the Knights of Order of St. John over the hill, to the port entrance. From Fort survives a tower and the outer bastion of the church Saint Nicola's (15th). It has been characterized Monument from ephoreia Antiquities Dodecanese.



During the Ottoman period, Turks built over the ancient Acropolis, public baths (Turkish bath), ruins of which are still preserved.

next there windmill, recently renovated by the Municipality. You get to photos, from here the view of the village is amazing.

  • Archaeological Museum of Megisti, in the castle, position Kavos.

From 1984 Housed in two-storey building, known as "Konaki», headquarters of the Turkish commander, which is part of castle St. Nicholas. The ground floor belongs to the years of the Knights, while the floor is adding 19th, from the Ottoman era.
You will see archaeological findings from ancient Megisti, Wall paintings, folk costumes, bric-a-brac, embroidery, scuba outfit and sponge etc.. It has been characterized Monument from ephoreia Antiquities Dodecanese.

  • Lycian Tomb (4th ), in A. harbor, under the Castle.

Tomb carved in rock, chamber, triangular roof, Hellenistic period, width 2,70 m. and height 3 m. Inside there are funerary beds, at 3 sides, and to 2 flat. Named after the city Lycia of Asia Minor, where feature is the carved rock tombs, two-storied, triangular roof. Many have relief decoration, while inside them have large sarcophagi dimensions, with scenes from everyday life and mythology. It has been characterized Monument from ephoreia Antiquities Dodecanese.

To reach it take the path behind the Mosque.

  • Ottoman Mosque (1755-1756) – Historical Collection Kastellorizo, to the port entrance, position Kavos. You will learn the island's history through pictures, documents, objects etc., the recent history of the island (19th).
  • Sandrapeia Urban School (1903), in the fields. The building was built at the expense of Luke Sandrapes, at a rate identical to the Athens National University. Today houses the school of the island and is located together with the Church of Constantine and Helen. THE Luke Sandrapes (1852-1912) He born in Kastelorizo ​​and was great Benefactor Island's.
  • Cathedral of Saints Constantine and Helen (1835), in the fields. It's type basilica, dome resting on 12 monolithic granite columns, and they belonged to the ancient temple of Apollo, of Patara in Lycia. It stands out from afar with its tall steeple. Information, Vicar, Maltese George, tel. : 22460 49352, 6949 727789.
  • Our Lady of the field & Saint Spiridon (19th), in the fields. Right next to the Cathedral is the Church of the Assumption, where is the festival on 15 August. The Church of St. Spyridon is classified Monument by the Archaeological Service Dodecanese.
  • Saint George 'Sandrapes "or" Lucas "or" Chorafia " (19th ), in the fields.

The majestic Church began building the Sandrapes pair, but not completed. Today, the GSSE "Aegeus", announced that it will undertake to finance the completion of the Temple work, but the cost to the interior fittings.





  • Saint George 'Well construction', district Wells. Stands the bell tower with clock 1903.
  • Kastellorizo ​​Palaiokastro, in D.. settlement, the rock of Vigla. Ancient Acropolis with walls that were used up to the period of Italian occupation. In this area there was an ancient settlement (houses, tanks) and 5 churches of the Middle Byzantine period, from which, St. Lesa and Panormitis, They destroyed during World War II.

Within the Castle, which dates back to ancient times, with operations in the period of the Knights and the Italian occupation, there 5 churches, vaulted hall. The houses have been devastated during World War II. It has been characterized Monument from ephoreia Antiquities Dodecanese. At the site you will see Virgin Palaiokastritissa (1858), with pebbled courtyard and despotic icons on the iconostasis (19th). celebrated on 23 August, with festival. also preserved the Saint Stephan (1850), Agios Nikolaos and partially the St. Lesa. Access by footpath and dirt road.

On the way to the ancient Acropolis you will encounter many small churches, like Agia Marina, the Agia Paraskevi, the Agios Panteleimonas, the Saint George the Poor etc.. In place Limenari, preserved ruins of "cyclopean walls". The Lookout is the highest peak of the island (272 m.), and from here will take nice pictures.

  • Saint George Mountain or "Mountain", Paleokastro.

The monastery was built in the early Christian basilica, with mosaic floors and some capitals lie today in the Catholic. It is a single-nave church with rib vaults. Catholic renovated 1759 by Blessed Anthimos Kouroukli, from Kefalonia, and the wooden temple you will see images of 18th. also, in the Temple, there is a catacomb (access 3 small stairs) with Chapel of St. Charalambous.

It has been characterized Monument from ephoreia Antiquities Dodecanese.

Access : the settlement, of paved trail 315 steps(other 401), It will take you about 30 '. It's best to come early in the afternoon. Information, Vicar, Maltese George, tel. : 22460 49352, 6949 727789. There and Saint John Mountain, but it is a very rough spot.

  • Bust of Kyra of Ro, of Despina Achladioti, Chorafia square.
  • Bust Sergeant Nicholas Savva, hero of the island, who lost his life during World War II. On the island there is the camp "Sergeant Nicholas Savva".
  • Monument of unidentified Soldiers, main port.


  • International Documentary Festival Kastellorizo. Every year since Institute of Historical Studies, ID.IS.ME (information, ). The 4The International Documentary Festival Kastellorizo «Beyond Borders», be held from 25/8-1/9/2019 , with the participation 25 countries from around the world
  • 21 May, celebrates the Metropolis of Constantine and Helen
  • 26 June, of Ag. Friday
  • 19 July, eve of the feast of Prophet Elias. Since that date the people returned to the island, after the Greek Revolution, are three-day events.

Residents have the custom to fall overboard with clothes. According to tradition, when a monk, and the only inhabitant of the island, He saw the boat with the locals to return to the island, He ran to greet them falling into the sea with clothes

  • 15 August, in celebration of Assumption, feast in square fields, with food and wine, in Virgin field, behind the Cathedral
  • 23 August, the novena of Our Lady, feast in Virgin Palaiokastritissa
  • 13 September, day Liberation of Kastellorizo, after the Second World War, various events
  • 7 Of March, celebrated the integration of Dodecanese with the mother Greece (7 Of March 1948)
  • Easter in Kastellorizo, three-day celebration.

the M. Friday the procession of the Epitaph, the Temple of Saints Constantine and Helena in the village.

The M. Saturday, the priest pronounces "Christ is risen" from the platform erected. Then set up a feast, with music and dance, around the rig, while the church treats all the traditional drink "orgeat".


Most people involved, apart from tourism, fisheries and animal husbandry.

Try :

  • fresh fishes, such as shrimp, octopus, swordfish, grouper, breams, bream, butts, amberjack. etc.
  • goat Kastellorizo, stuffed with bread crumbs, braised, roast
  • «katoumari», the famous sweet island. Fried sheet sprinkled with crushed sugar, cinnamon, and cloves
  • «awry», fried baklava, filled with crushed walnuts and sugar. It is the traditional sweet of marriage and Lent
  • «FIG», jam, from the many fig trees on the island
  • spoon halva, tablespoons traditional halva sprinkled with sugar
  • «orgeat», wedding drink, and the usual treat Island. It contains water, lemon, sugar, cinnamon, Carnation.

You will enjoy in most restaurants on the island.

Indicatively we mention the following:

  • «the Platania», in the fields, tavern with local dishes, such as goat Kastelorizo, stuffed onions, chickpea, etc.. H tavern became internationally famous by the movie "Mediterraneo» (1991), which won Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (1992)
  • «Alexandra», at the port, tel. : 2246 049019
  • little Paris, restaurant, tel. : 2246 049282
  • «Athens Tavern», fresh fish, tel. : 2246 049289
  • «Lazarakis», Pigadia, tavern on the sea, tel. : 2246 049370
  • bys restaurant, fresh fish, at the port, tel. : 2246 049224
  • Old Story – Old Time, restaurant, tel. : 697 881 5071
  • "The Longline", restaurant, tel. : 2246 049396
  • «Mandraki Seafood Ostraka Restaurant», tel. : 694 534 2957
  • «Lighthouse», café- bar, tel.: 2246 049509


Indicatively we report some accommodation :

  • «Neptune», hotel, tel. : 2246 049212,
  • «Maximum», hotel, 4*, tel. : 2241 067067
  • «Kastellorizo», hotel, 4*, tel. : 2246 049044
  • Mediterranean Kastelorizo ​​Boutique Hotel, tel. : 22460 49007, mobile : +30 697 367 6038 (Greece), +33 618080527 (France), +90 5393004088 (Turkey),

  • «Agnanti Studios», rental rooms, tel. : 2246 049094
  • Panorama studios, tel. : 2246 049098
  • Alexandra Hotel Kastellorizo, tel. : 2246 049248,
  • Moments Apartments, tel. : 697 464 9730
  • «Mandraki Paradise», villas and studios, tel. : 697 777 6927, 6976299959

Kastelorizo ​​- What To Buy

  • Kastellorizo Bakery, tel.: 2246 049391, pastries, local sweets, like "katoumari", "Crooked", "FIG", drink "orgeat"
  • Pearls Center, based in Athens, tel. : 694 444 0182, (openly : June to September), pearls, diamonds, gold jewelry, etc.

useful information

  • It is the easternmost part of Greece and belongs to the Dodecanese.
  • It is 72 nm. from Rhodes and 1,25 nm. from SW. Coast Turkey.
  • Its shape is nearly triangular with a length 6 Km, from Akrotiri Agios Stefanos to B. until Akrotiri Pounendi Stan., and width 3 km from Akrotiri Limenari, in D.. until large Nifti in A.
  • It has an area 9,5 km2 rocky ground.
  • In the bay entrance islets spread Psoradia, Saint George, Agrielaia, Polyfados, Bread, Large Small Black penalty & Small Black penalty.
  • The fauna of the island is classified as Salamander of Kastellorizo or Ferret (for locals), which can be found only here. It is orange and hiding under rocks or deep in the soil.


  • The island has Airport, tel. : + 30 2246 049502. It is 2,5 km from the village and can be accessed by taxi, tel.: 6938739178 or local bus (private). The flight Rodos-kastellorizo carried out with small propeller driven airplanes and the duration is about 25; , departing from Rhodes International Airport, tel.: + 30 2241 088700, ).
  • Kastellorizo ​​has a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus – Kalymnos – Kos – Rhodes – Icaria (Ag. Kirykos) – ovens – Astypalaia – Patmos – Lipsi – Smudgy – Nisyros – Tilos – Symi – Karpathos – Kasos - Kastellorizo, by boat "CHIOS ISLAND ", information (departs from Piraeus at 17:30 and ends the next day at the Kastellorizo 16:10).

Also you can get to Rhodes, by boat BLUE STAR 1 & BLUE STAR 2, information :, performing route "Piraeus – Santorini – Samos (deep) – Kos – Symi - Rhodes ».

  • The ferry link Rhodes – Kastellorizo ​​- Rhodes effected with the catamaran «DODEKANISOS PRIDE», which takes cars (length about 2,5 hours), the company's DODEKANISOS SEAWAYS, information,

The same company connects Rhodes and other islands.

  • From Turkey The ferry connection is the city Kaş (20-30 ').


  • Municipality Great, tel. : 22460 40232, 22460 49269,
  • Tourist Office, tel.: 22460 70630
  • Police, tel. : 22460 49333
  • Regional Medical Center, tel. : 22460 49267
  • Port Authority, tel. : 22460 49270
  • Airport, tel. : 22460 49250
  • Taxi, tel.: 6938739178
  • PAPOUTSIS TRAVEL, travel agency, Kastellorizo, tel. : 22460 70630, 22460 49356,
  • Antonis Sea Taxi – Daily Cruises Antonis, tel. : 6977 776927, Patmian Anthony
  • Sea Taxi Kostas, tel: 6946 178 018


For day trips or to go and stay in Kastellorizo, there are several companies to serve you (passport required).

Indicatively we report the following :

  • , Eyebrow - Kastellorizo, (During 20-30 ') tel. : +90 242 836 17 25 (Pbx) and +90 242 836 41 06
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