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Koufonisi Sitia Lasithi Crete, Day Trip To Exotic Island

Greece Crete

Koufonissi Sitia (or Poplar) : small island in Libyan Open sea, N. of Goudura and BE. of Xerokamu Lasithiou, It is located between. Sfakion.

  • Ancient Lefki : name taken from the exotic white beaches.

  • Koufonissi : from the many caves - pits that the waves carved on the limestone rocks.

  • Purple : name given to the island from the collection and processing of a shell, of purple, from which they extracted a dye of a bright red color.

  • The Koufonissi Sitia it is uninhabited and belongs to the Protected Areas NATURE 2000. features 36 wonderful beaches, most with white sand. Due to the protected area it should be known that camping is prohibited, lighting a fire, the pollution, the collection of ancient finds, shells, rocks, fossils, plants, animals etc.


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Οι παραλίες στις οποίες επιτρέπεται να προσεγγίσουν τα ιδιωτικά σκάφη που κάνουν ιδιωτικές ημερήσιες εκδρομές είναι οι :

Thousand brothers, Well, Special offer, Greos and Korakia.

The rest of the beaches, if you do not have your own boat, you will have the opportunity to admire them only on board.

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  • Chiliaderfia Beach or Diana for locals, SW. Island's, in Akrotiri Trachili.

The exotic beach with white sand and emerald waters that enchanted even Princess Diana.

Thousand brothers

in D. of the beach there is a spring of fresh water and a steep sharp rock, height 100 m. called thousand siblings, because birds of prey frequent above and bald eagles which are called here cousins ​​or cousins.

  • Pigadi beach or wells , to B.

Sand and gravel, a stone-built watchtower with a small well and its small church St. Nicholas the hill (path access).

This is where the private boats that run the day cruises moor, when there is no north wind. When the southerly wind blows, they tie up on the beach Friends.

Next to the beach Well, you will find beautiful little beaches, like the beach Passage, sand and pebbles, που θα φτάσετε με τα πόδια από τα βραχάκια.

Beach next to Pigadi beach

  • Kamareles beach

Sand, pebble, low vegetation, one Ancient theater, 1.000 positions, of Greco-Roman times, θαμμένο μέσα στην άμμο και πολλά άλλα, scattered, ancient remains.

The boat, who runs the private cruise, because it is forbidden to tie up on the beach Kamareles will drop you off at the beach Well και στη συνέχεια, either from a path starting from Well (20’) either from Anemetria beach (5’), που βρίσκεται μετά το Πηγάδι, you will arrive at Kamareles.

Παραλίες Πηγάδι και Ανεμετριά (in depth) and Kamareles back

  • Greos beach, on the edge of the easternmost cape of the island.

Exotic landscape, white cliffs, λευκή άμμος και πολλές μικρές παραλίες εκατέρωθεν ενός βράχου, height 64 m., with particular rock layers.

Greos in sailors' language it means NE. wind.

  • Beach Offer, in tO.

Is bigger beach of Koufonissi Sitia, towards her side Africa, with wonderful sand and rocky bottom, ideal for exploring.

Special offer it is called because of the round rock island that is in front of the beach and reminds of the port (round bread) given to the church. Above Offer beach, the hill, you will see what is left of the old one lighthouse Island's.


  • The Koufonisi Sitia Lasithi Crete belongs to Municipality of Sitia by area 4,26 km2 it is the largest of an island complex, στο ΝΑ. end of Crete, which includes the islands : Koufonissi, Round, Long, Cervix and marbles.
  • If you don't have your own boat you will get there very easily with it vessel «Madeleine»,, tel. : 6972 329461, which executes private Daily trips to Koufonisi Sitia Lasithiou from his port Atherinolakkou, located SE. of Xerokampou Sitia and near its beach Goudoura Lasithiou, Southeast. Crete.

This is a speedboat with a captain, which accepts few passengers and runs private tours from early April to early October (ανάλογα με τις καιρικές συνθήκες). Departure time is approx 10 a.m. while the return time is negotiable, as it is privet. The boat offers the price, without limitation, soft drinks, sandwich, fruit salad and water while you should bring it with you, anyway, αντηλιακό και ομπρέλα, because the sun is burning.

On the way back, sailing between Koufonisi and the rocky islands Long and Round θα έχετε την ευκαιρία να θαυμάσετε το ηλιοβασίλεμα.


Alternatively, you will arrive at Koufonisi Sitias by private boat that departs from its port Makry Gialos Lasithiou (10 nm. TO.), weather permitting and if one is available (these change by season).

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