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Mani – Wedding In Marmari, A Popular Destination Next To Porto Cayo

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The Marble is a small village of East Mani Municipality, facing towards Messinian Gulf.

Wild beauty, of stone and sun, tower houses perched on the rocks, a sandy beach and the hotel Desire Paradise Resort Hotel,, overlooking the Marmari beach, the sunset, the Pyrgo Grigorakis and the harsh manic landscape around. OR Marmari beach is a long sandy beach influenced by D. – ND. winds as it is exposed to Mediterranean Sea. It's just away 4 Km from Cape Tainaro, which is also the southernmost tip of the NE. Europe.

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The hotel Desire Paradise Resort Hotel,, is a popular destination for Wedding or Baptism, so you should make a reservation early. It has a beautiful stone chapel with a nice arch and guests are seated outside with a view of the sea and the sunset.

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The Sacrament is performed by the village priest who is also the owner of the hotel.

The hotel also has a restaurant, with a large banquet hall, beach bar and a section of the beach, organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, where you can take pictures.

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For the permits required for the Mystery, contact the hotel staff, tel. : 27330 52110, 27330 51814,, Marmari, Mani, Laconia.

The Desire Paradise Resort Hotel it is open from Easter until the end of October.

Marmari Paradise Resort Hotel

Next to Marmari beach and behind the settlement, the beach is located Little Marmari, remote, inaccessible (from a difficult path).


From Eparch. GS. GeroportDeep and at the intersection you will turn right to Marmari and left to Porto Cayo. Then passing by Pyrgo Grigorakis, the hill, you will see the settlement and the hotel with the beach.

Porto Cayo

The coastal settlement Porto Cayo is 5' from Marmari and is located D. to Laconian Gulf.

It has a sheltered beach, taverns, Cafe, and is ideal for swimming or walking.


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