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Nafplio, Shopping for Local Products – Searched Places To Eat

Greece Peloponnese

We asked the locals, we visited places, we have found local products and are reporting them to you, without having any commercial benefit.

Nafplio – Syntagma Square

  • «Anapliotiko Bakaliko», otherwise the "Rose», Staikopoulos 16, Syntagma Square, Nafplio. You will find products from all over Greece, such as fine cheeses, cold cuts, liqueur, sweet. Must gruyere with black truffle, product awarded in London and gruyere with thyme or oregano, from their own cheese factory (from 1951). Possibility of tasting (4 choices) with a variety of cheeses, charcuterie and sweet, from 2 persons and above, 11 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., upon request, tel. : 27520 26764 (at least a week before).

Nafplio – Syntagma Square

  • «From Anapli», otherwise the "Hairy», Polyzoidou 6, Nafplio, tel. : 27520 28959.

Must frumenty (Different kinds), authentic, handmade, wheat or with flour, with fresh milk, sheep or goat, from their own laboratory (from 1972) and from grandmothers' recipes, hand made noodles, noodles and little barley. Also local products such as spoon sweets, sauces and jams, made by local women, Ouzo Karonis, Tsipouro Verino Argos, honey from the region, cheeses from Argos and Nafplio.

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  • «Sweet temptation», Flounder 10, Nafplio, area of ​​St. George, tel. : 27520 97516. Workshop of traditionalists almonds and syrupy sweets and handmade buns (you will find them all year round). Must plates chocolate and truffles, with cognac, candy, chestnut, strawberry etc. (since October- May ). You will also find seasonal liqueurs, sweets, honey from a local producer, Nemea wines.
  • Hey, Tastes, Flounder 17, Nafplio, area of ​​St. George, tel. : 27520 24082. Parody grocery store & organic products from Nafplion and in general from the Peloponnese. You will find Moraitika pasta (well-known laboratory in Kandia Nafplio), spoon sweets of Nafplio, Karoni drinks (Ouzo, moonshine, liqueur), Greek coffee Nectar (from a laboratory in Mycenae), honey from the region, olive oil from Hermione, organic wines from Tripoli & Nemea. Must organic herbs, for food and drinks, like mountain tea from Parnon.
  • Karoni Distillery – Distillery Museum, Euclid 9, to Palamidi Castle of Nafplio. Consider one of the oldest distilleries country (from 1869). Their products are sold in most grocery stores in Nafplion and are the : Ouzo Karonis, δυο διαφορετικά είδη ούζων από διαφορετικές συνταγές, Tsipouro Karoni, παραδοσιακό και παλαιωμένο, Mastic liqueur, prized it 1889 at the Olympia Fair and fruit liqueurs, depending on the season. Visitable distillery, for tasting and tour (where you can also buy your drinks) and for group visits to Museum, upon request, tel. : 27520 24968.
  • «Beekeeping», Agia Moni & Republic, Aria of Nafplio, 1 km from the center of Nafplion, apiary. In the apiary you will come to buy organic honey, awarded by the experts of Great Taste London, such as pine honey, oak tree, fir tree. The honeys are of limited production and you will only find them here, visit by appointment, tel. : 6944 893544
  • SEE, Kolokotronis Park, Nafplio, authentic pastry workshop, tel. : 2752 303051. Handmade warm bread, croissant, spinach pie, political bun, sweet, coffee (daily 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., Tuesday closed).
  • Koustenis, Vas. Constantine 16, Nafplio, for Αναπλιώτικο παγωτό (winter only Saturday).
  • «Bergamot», Komnenos 1, Nafplio, for donuts (next to Italian with ice creams)

  • Ancient Ice cream shop of Roma, The "Italian», Farmakopoulou3 & Komnenos, Nafplio, for ice cream (the shop has been in Nafplio for years, the choice is yours).
  • Fougaro Art Center, Asclepius 98, to Aria Nafplio, 2 km from the center of Nafplion.

In the Fugaro Café θα καθίσετε για πρωινό, brown, drink, food.

Fugaro Cafe

  • Thyme Restaurant and Bar, Dormition, Aria of Nafplio, 3 km from the center of Nafplion (5’), towards Nafplio - Epidaurus. You will come for breakfast, brown, English tea, food, drink.

  • For English tea, which is served in tea sets from England, you will need to make a reservation 4 hours before your visit, tel. : 27520 27148. Αυτό είναι απαραίτητο γιατί τα κέικ, sandwiches and sweets, served with tea (are included in the price), they are fresh and prepared the same day.
  • Stavlos Thrakotaverna, Prophet Elias 12, Nafplio, for local meat. Must mutton burger and ribs on parchment paper (open all year round).
  • «Scissors», at the village Whites, 7 km Α. Nafplion, on the road to Tolo. Tavern, well known in the area, with homemade food, nice courtyard and few tables. If you haven't reservation in advance, don't come, you won't find a table (booking in the winter also the SKs), tel. : 27520 61814, 6976 973853, open all year round (winter only SK).
  • «Alonia», to Pyrgiotika, 7 km from Nafplio, traditional tavern.
  • «John», fish tavern on the sea, in the coastal settlement Vivari, 10 Km SW. Nafplion, after Tolo to Drepano (closed in winter).
  • Wineries near Nafplion, Eparch. GS. Argos – Nemea.

Skouras estate, visitable, wine tour – guided tour – tasting (1 time), with appointment, tel.: 27510 23688, Monday - Friday 9 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., Saturday 10:30 pm. -5:30 pm. Closed on Sundays. Buy products at the winery shop.

CROWNED, Panorama area of ​​Argolis, visitable, for tasting by appointment, tel. : 27510 91785,

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