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Dubrovnik – Dalmatian Coast Cruise


The sightseeing cruise Dubrovnik starts from Old Port of Dubrovnik, is of duration 2 hours and includes a tour of It is located between Adriatic Sea, overlooking the Old Town (UNESCO, 1979), the Walls of Dubrovnik and the island Locrum.

Old Port of Dubrovnik

Protected by breakwater Kase and is a safe haven for private yachts and for cruise ships doing sightseeing tours and transfers to Locrum Island.

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Sveti Ivan fortress

The Fortress The Holy Ivan (Saint John's) or Fortress of St. John, was built 1346, in South. side and within the walls of the Old Town, for the defense of the port. The ground floor houses the Fish tank Dubrovnik and on the floor Maritime Museum of Dubrovnik.

the Fortresses The Holy Ivan and Gundulic they form a single whole (from 1557) and are connected to each other by towers.

Walls of Dubrovnik

Walls of Dubrovnik, with a length of approx 1.940 m. and height up to 25 m.

Dubrovnik High School, behind the Lazzarettos building

Lazzarettos of Dubrovnik

The Lazzarettos (UNESCO) consists of several buildings located in A. of the coasts, 300 m. from defenses Walls of Dubrovnik. It was built between 1627-1647 as Quarantine Station, during the Republic of Dubrovnik, as a preventive measure to protect the city from infectious diseases (cholera, plague).

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Plaza Banja, the beach with the famous Banja Restaurant Night Club, in A. city's (3’), access from Gate Plates, στο τέλος του Lazzarettos.

Plaza Banja and at the end of the beach the impressive building "The Beachfront Dubrovnik Old Town Apartments»

The Beachfront Dubrovnik Old Town Apartments, next to the building MOMAD Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik and immediately after Hotel Excelsior.

Hotel Excelsior

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik, 5*

Hotel Excelsior, with a wonderful view of the island of Locrum

Grand Villa Argentina, 5*, entrance from main street Frana Supila

Villa Scheherazade, 5*

OR Villa Sheherezade, with the blue dome, the stunning architecture and numerous gardens, is located in the SE. of the Dalmatian Coast and belongs to the protected Monuments of Dubrovnik.

Dalmatian Coast

Dalmatian Coast

Locrum Island

Locrum Island

Lovrijenac fortress (16th century.)

Lovrijenac fortress

Lovrijenac Fortress (Agios Lavrentios), also known as the "Gibraltar of Dubrovnik" was built on a rock 37 m., outside of D. wall of the Old City, it has an amazing view and today it is used for theatrical performances (visitable). Below is the small Pile Beach and to the right is the Bokar Fort (15th c.)

In the Old Port of Dubrovnik you will reach it very easily by going down it central pedestrian street.

useful information

The boats that do the sightseeing cruises are small and fill up very quickly with tourists (the summer months). you should issue the ticket immediately as there is a priority queue and the wait may exceed it 1 time. When the ticket is issued, you will be informed of the departure time, so you can sit somewhere near the port for coffee and food.


In front of the port of the Old Town has been built the breakwater Kase, to protect it from the winds.

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