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Petalidi and Kalamaki of Messinia, for family vacations

Greece Peloponnese

The Petalidi is a seaside settlement Municipality Messina, in D.. of Messinian Gulf, in South. Peloponnese.

They are suitable for family vacations as it is a quiet fishing village with a small port, cafes, taverns, rented accommodation, camping and beaches with easy parking. It is far from Kalamata 18 km and from here you can make daily excursions to the cities rook, Methoni and Gate (21 Km) and the famous beaches of June, Φοινικούντα and Voidokoilia.

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Horseshoe (source :

  • OR lighthouse beach, is located behind the port and the football field of the settlement. It has sand and pebbles, umbrellas, sunbeds and the NAMASTE beach bar, with tables on the sea.
  • After beach of F.άρου, to the hotel Greek and Eros beach bar cafe, there is a beautiful beach, with pebbles on the shore, stones at the bottom and pines for shade. You will find it on the road to Koroni, over the Eparch. Rizomylou-Koronis Street.

Next is the beach of Kalamaki, the village. The village of Kalamaki belongs to the Municipality of Messina, is about 5 km from Petalidi and has most of the accommodation in the area of ​​Petalidi.

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Kalamaki beach is long, sandy, with ample parking.

  • Along the District. GS. Rizomylou-Koronis, and in the entire coastal section to Koroni, you will find small and secluded beaches, with sand and pebbles such as Chelonaria and Chrani. Apart from swimming they are ideal for spearfishing or snorkeling as the rocks here form impressive sea caves..

CHRANA BEACH (source :

From Petalidi and in the direction of Kalamata, you will find the small and desolate Jean beach, sand and pebbles, in front of the settlement and after the quiet beach of Petalidi, where the campsite is and is.



  • After Petalidi beach follows the big one Velika beach, length 1.500 m., with sand and pebbles and immediately after the beach of Analipsi, about length 1.000 m.



In Petalidi and Kalamaki but also the entire coastal front of the Messinian Gulf, and mainly N.. to Koroni, you will find many apartments for rent, houses and hotels.

Here are some examples :

  • Greek Beach Hotel and Apartments, 2*, on the sea, with free umbrellas and sunbeds, bar-restaurant etc.. Is located 1 km from the settlement of Petalidi, on the road to Koroni, tel. : 2722 032280, 6944 390 735,


  • Sunrise Village Beach Hotel, 4*, 2,5 km from Petalidi. It has a private beach, beach bar, pool, restaurant, spa, sports facilities etc., tel. : 27220 31500.

Horseshoe (Source : Sunrise Village Beach Hotel)

  • Moorea Country Houses, apartments in Petalidi, inside the settlement in his traditional house 1920, tel. : 697 9307048, 697 2019489,
  • Anastasios Olive Garden, Petalidi beach, tel. : 6955 800210
  • Alexandros Apartments, Straw, open all year, tel. : 2721 026354
  • Villa Petra, apartments, 400m from the beach of Kalamaki and 5 Km from Petalidi, tel. : 2722 031100
  • Hilltop Residences, villas and apartments, village of Kalamaki, 3,4 km from Petalidi, tel. : 6936720231,
  • Aiolos, houses in an olive grove 4,500μ², 1,2 Km from the beach of Kalamaki and 4 km from Petalidi, tel. : 694 570 8554

Horseshoe (Source : Aiolos Apartments)

  • Camping Petalidi Beach

It accepts caravans and tents in a green area next to Petalidi beach, tel.: 2722 031154, 6948679795.

Horseshoe – SIGHTS

  • Church of Zoodochos Pigi Petalidiou

Her image is kept here Panagia Petalidiotissa (1841), protector of Petalidi (tel. : 27220 31272).

  • Monastery of Agios Ioannis Petalidiou

Small monastery with a few nuns (tel. : 27220 31240)


  • Archaeological site in place Nichoria.

Prehistoric settlement with prosperity especially during the Mycenaean era (1600-1050 B.C. ). In an area 500 m. you will see in addition to parts of the ancient settlement and a vaulted Mycenaean tomb. It is located on the hill above Petalidi, on the road to the villages Rizomylos and Karpofora.

  • Ancient Messina- Vulkanos Monastery-Andromonastiro


It is located on Mount Ithomi, in the current settlement of Ancient Messina, of D.E.. Ithomis of the Municipality of Messina. The ancient city was founded in 370 BC-369 BC. by the Theban general Epameinondas, after his victory over the Spartans at the battle of Lefktra and his invasion of Laconia.

THE Archaeological site and Archaeological Museum of Ancient Messina is located just outside the city of Messina, in altitude 550 m., (visitable with entrance, tel. : 27240 51201, information : OR Monastery of Panagia Vulkanou belongs to the Municipality of Messina and is very close to Archaeological Site of Ancient Messina.


It consists of Old Monastery (8th c., basilica), on the top of the rock now called Monastery of Panagia tis Koryfi or ledger and is dedicated to Assumption of Mary. In this position he was worshiped Ithomatas Zeus, That is why there was a sanctuary and an altar. The 1625 was abandoned by the monks who 1701 built the New Monastery in a lower position, and dedicated it to Birth of the Virgin (cruciform, domed).


The Monastery is for men and celebrates on 15 August and 20 September where the descent and procession of her image takes place Virgin Βουλκανιώτισσας or Hodegetria, in the city of Messina in memory of the miraculous intervention of the Virgin Mary who saved the city in 1755 from the plague epidemic (tel. Monastery : 27240 42458).


The Andromonastiro (12th -13th ) or Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior is located in the SE. of the village of Petralona of D. Messina, close to Archaeological Site of Ancient Messina. Impressive castle monastery with high walls, that flourished him 18The century. and today, after restoration work, constitutes monument.

  • rook – Venetian Castle (6th -7th c.)

Coastal town located 52 km Δ. of Kalamata and about 30 km Ν. of Petalidi.

Sightseeing is Castle of Koroni built in Byzantine times, but then received many additional interventions mainly during the First Venetian and the First Turkish Occupation. Inside the Castle you will see the Monastery of the Holy Baptist Koronis (1918 , celebrates with old calendar), the Temple of St. Sofia (7th century. and later), with ruins of an ancient Temple of Apollo, and temple of Agios Charalambos.Outside the Castle, SW. there is her church Panagia Eleitrias (1900) at the place where her miraculous image was found Panagia Eleitrias (1897), protector of Koroni, which celebrates on 22 January in memory of finding the image.

  • Φοινικούντα – Methoni -Pylos-Voidokilia

OR Φοινικούντα is a picturesque settlement, with harbor and beach. You will find it between the cities rook (18 km) and Methoni (10 km), following her Eparch. GS. Koronis - Methoni.



OR Finikounda beach it has sand, shallow, umbrellas, sunbeds and taverns.

OR Methoni with the impressive Castle and Bourtzi, was an important port and trading center for the Venetians. It has been designated a traditional settlement and you will arrive after rook following her Eparch. GS. Koronis - Methoni.

The Castle of Methoni, flourished during the First Venetian Occupation (13th -15th). Entrance to the Castle with a ticket, tel. : 27230 28758, information : Stan. Castle, on a small islet connected to the mainland, You will see Βουρζτι, an octagonal tower with fortifications.

OR Gate is a seaside town located in the SW. tip of the Peloponnese, to the Ionian. singles Niokastro Fortress and the Mycenaean Palace or Palace of Nestor (acne period 1300-1200 B.C.). Admission with a ticket, tel. : 2763031437, information : .

OR Voidokilia beach, to B. of Pylos, has an "O" shape and is considered one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. It borders with Lake Divari and Gialova lagoon in an area NATURE 2000. you will arrive from the village Petrochori (there is marking) located B. of Pylos, following a passable dirt road that ends at the beach. The route is very beautiful as it crosses a fertile area, with crops and olive trees.

There is no parking on the beach but you can park along the road. In the summer months the road is very busy and to leave the beach, you will have to do a reversal with relative difficulty, due to parked cars. The second option to get to Voidokilia is from a path that starts from beach Divari.


The Horseshoe, is far from Messina, seat of the homonymous Municipality to which it belongs administratively, about 13 km. and 21 km. from Pylos.

  • By car. from Athens

Distance from Athens is about 2,5 hours (240 Km to Kalamata) and access is made by the new NR. Corinth - Tripoli - Kalamata.

  • By KTEL bus from Athens

Itinerary Athens – Kalamata or Athens-Messina and then with the local KTEL on the route that passes through Petalidi (KTEL Kalamata : 27210 28581, KTEL Messini, tel. : 27220 22234,

  • With airplane

Kalamata International Airport is located 9 km Β. of Kalamata, near the city of Messina. From the airport you can go to Kalamata or Messina by taxi or KTEL and then, by local bus in Petalidi (18 km SW. of Kalamata) tel. airport : 27210 63805).

useful information

  • The Petalidi Women 's Association organizes many events, such as : «Kite Flying Competition», Halloween and "Musical night», in the summer in the central Petalidi Square with dances and songs (after 15 August).
  • The Petalidi Fishing Association "O Faros" organizes the "Feast Fish», with food and dancing (after 15 August).
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