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Porto Germeno or Aigosthena

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Germeno Porto belongs to the municipality Mandra - romances and is the port of Vilia. Located under the shadow of Mount Kitheronas (1.409m) on the right side of the bay and Mount Father (1.132m) the left side. Access to Germeno Porto made from NR. Athens - Corinth, passing over the bridge turn right towards Elefsina. Attiki Odos, for Elefsis output – Thebes enter the Old National Road. Athens - Thiva. The distance from Athens is about an hour.

Following the road after the Holy Savior, descending turns the village Titan, find signs to Faneromeni, at the end of the urban bus No. 861, from Elefsina to Saint Savior. Follow the country road, We pass the Nursing FANEROMENI known St immortality Aigaleo and continue. In a small square with a well in the middle, we see left the church of St. George. We continue right the country road and ascend to the top of the hill. The small chapel that exists here, recently restored, It is dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin Mary and Saint Panteleimon.

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After a rest in ca little courtyard of a small church, under the pines, we begin to descend to Porto Germeno. At the junction with the main road we come across the Vilia, turn left. The area here is called Cold Well which is a homonym tavern and a small chapel, under the old oak tree, dedicated to St. Kingdom.


The area, according to the findings of the area seems inhabited the 8The century. B.C. The ancient name was Aigosthena, the word "goats" and "vigor", city ​​of Megara, built near the ancient town Megarian frost. When the Athenians allied with Megara, to face the Theban risk, the Aigosthena played an important role in the fortification of these towns and Athenians access to the sea. There has been an independent member of the Achaean League and of Viotia. Here and there the Sacred Oracle of seer and healer Melampus.

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Before we meet the sea, to the left of the village stands proud Castle - Fortress of Aigosthena, building of 4Theu century. B.C. The ancient fortress consisted of the Citadel and the Lower City, the walls of which reached up to the sea. The Citadel enhanced by four-sided towers and communication between the towers was through ramp. The SE Tower Acropolis was the most impressive, square, EUR 18m and 8.8m side length. For more information please read our related article:φρούριο-αιγοσθένων/


Leaving the Castle downhill to the sea and the village. Here we can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf, to walk along the beach, sit down for coffee and food and enjoy the sunset, while the sun slowly sinking into the sea.

Porto Germeno there are many beaches but they are not organized. Specifically, on the right side, as we look at the Corinthian Gulf, there is a beach, the pedestrian street in front of the taverns. In the middle of the bay we find a large pebble beach, trees, benches and a small pedestrian promenade. Continuing on the paved road, on the left of the bay, we find another large beach at Agios Nikolaos, from the chapel which is on the sea. One can park the car on the road and come to swim .Edo there taverna. At the end of this road, under a tavern, there is a very small beach with pebbles and end on the dirt road, we will see a little beach, access to which is by trail. On the right side of Porto Germeno, as we look at the bay, There is a small port- Fishing shelter, which has a ramp for launching boats and two small beaches, either side of the harbor.








There is also a playground for play and benches to rest under the pines. From now on, until the end of the road we find the settlement called Prosili. Here the access to the sea is difficult as there are no beaches but only sharp rocks.

At the end of the road, at Aghia Paraskevi, The small church is not visible from the street, visitors will encounter a great beach for swimming, appropriate for family, a canteen and a small taverna. From where the paved road ends and the road begins there are only rocks.

In Germeno Porto, for anyone who wants a longer stay there are no hotels but only rooms.


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