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Samos – Day Trips To Samiopoula, Casonisi, Isolated Beaches, Dodecanese, Turkey (Kusadasi)

Greece Aegean Islands

Samos - Megali Lakka beach

  • Pythagorean – Samiopoula

Port of Pythagoras – "ARCHANGELOS" boat

-Check in 9:30 a.m. from the port of Pythagoras, in front of the Port Authority, only every monday (starting May), by boatARCHANGEL"of Captain Stamatis and captain John, which will download you to Psalida Samiopoula beach, for a bath and will return you to Pythagorion at 2 pm. (without food).

Samiopoula-beach Psalida-boat "ARCHANGELOS"

  • Pythagorean – Samiopoula – beach Bad sleep. OR Samiopoula is a small island, Stan. of Samos, opposite the Kacorema beach.

-Departure from the port of Pythagoras, 9.30 a.m. and return 5.30 p.m., by boatGeorge"of Captain Andreas, tel. : 6972 697871 (daily and only in the summer months).

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First stop at Katsaka bay Samiopoulas (opposite Samos). Where the boat moors. Subsequently, from a passable path, you will easily reach the exotic beach Samiopoula scissors, with sand, umbrellas, deckchairs and tavern (stay on the island 1 time).

Samiopoula – Gulf of Katsakas – boat "George"

Second stop at the beautiful Kacorema beach Samos, which is only accessible by sea, for swimming and bbq with a view of the island of Samiopoula.

Kacorema beach

  • Pythagorean – Samiopoula

-Departure from the port of Pythagoras, by boatSaint Irene"of captain John. Includes bathroom in beach Scissors Samiopoulas and food at the island's tavern (of Captain John).

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  • Marathokampos – Samiopoula

-Departure from bight Marathokampou, with stop for boarding and from Pebbles Marathokampou, with the boats Cleopatra I and II, to Samiopoula (at Katsaka bay), tel. : 6983 305864, (from 1/5 up to approx 15/10).

  • Marathokampos – Klima beach, in D.. Island's (nothing to do with Klima beach in Steno Mykalis, in tO).

-Departure from bight Marathokampou, with the boats Cleopatra I and II, to Klima beach and cave Limniona, open return ticket, tel. : 6983 305864,, (from 1/5 up to approx 15/10).

  • Pythagorean – Casonisifishing village Neptunium

The Kasonisi Samos is a rocky island in the E., which is only distant 30 m. from the coast of Samos. This narrow passage is called by the locals "blue Lagoon», because of the color of the waters.

-Departure from its port of Pythagoras, 10.30 a.m., by boatGeorge"of Captain Andreas, tel. : 6972 697871. Dives from the boat in Casonisi and "blue Lagoon» (45’) and stop at Neptunium, for bathing or eating.

  • Pythagorean – Neptunium – Megali Lakka beach

The Neptunium is a picturesque fishing village, in tO. of Samos, in the Strait of Mykalis, located 15 km from Vathi and 18 km from Pythagorion. One of the most beautiful seaside settlements of the island, Arcos beach, with a port, beach and fish tavern.

OR small and Great Lakka they are two isolated beaches, in A., near Murtia beach, which are accessed by footpath or from the sea by boat.

Megali Lakka Beach

-Departure from the port Pythagoras, in D.. harbor, by boatARCHANGEL"of Captain Stamatis and Captain John, with a stop at Neptunium and then to Great Lakka, for swimming and bbq, tel. : 6986 652197, 6973 387195, Daily routes, Third – Sunday excluding Saturday.

Megali Lakka Beach

  • Karlovasi -Fournoi or KarlovasiI remembered, same day with ship "BLESSED VIRGIN", every Saturday.

-Departure in the morning from port of Karlovasi, for ovens and I remembered and return in the afternoon to Karlovasi (times because they change every year are not listed). Information about the ship's itineraries «BLESSED VIRGIN" and the issuing of tickets indicatively to, tel.: 22730 32320, 22730 35539, Karlovasi.

  • Pythagorean – Dodecanese, indicative same day for Patmos, with the DODECANISOS SEAWAYS,, tel. : 22410 70590, (based in Rhodes) or information at the Pythagorion Port Station, tel. : 22730 61225.
  • Samos – Kusadasi Turkey – Samos

From deep or Pythagorean there is a ferry connection to and from Kusadasi Turkey, usually April – October (journey duration 45' up to 1,5 time, depending on the ship).

Information : Samos Port Authority (deep), tel. : 22730 27318, 22730 27890, Pythagorion Port Station, tel. : 22730 61225.

For a same-day return you should check if there is a relevant route during the week. Roman character ID is required for same-day transit only, otherwise you will need a passport (more information at the Samos Police, tel. : 2273087315 and at the Port Authority).

Issuing a ticket at least 1 hour before the trip. For route information at the tourist agencies, indicatively on tel. : 22730 61555, 22733 00506-7 or for issuing tickets with departure from Pythagorion to Kusadasi, at the agency, tel. :22730 27047, 22733 06811, with offices in Vathi and Karlovasi, tel.: 22730 32320, 22730 35539.

-Departure from Kusadasi Turkey to deep and Pythagorean the companies operating are : Meander Travel and Makri Travel (tel. : 2241305582, based in Rhodes).

For VISA issuance at the agency Samos Yacht Shipping, Port of Pythagoras Samos.


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