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Samos, What To See And What To Do On The Island

Greece Aegean Islands

Samos or city ​​of Samos or deep : B. Island's, in the Gulf of Vathy. Capital city, its main port and headquarters Municipality of Eastern Samos. Η πόλη της Σάμου είναι ενωμένη με τον οικισμό Ano Vathi.

What to see, what to do in Vathi :

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Archaeological Museum Deep Samos, Town Hall Square, tel. : 22730 27469, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., Tuesday closed. The towering one stands out Kouros of Samos (5,25 m.) which was found in Heraeus.

town hall, neoclassical building of 1901, άλλοτε έδρα της Old Parliament of Hegemony (1934-1912) and next to the church Ag. Spyridon.

Square PythagorasLion statue, ideal for coffee and food with a sea view.

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Wine Museum – Οινοποιείο Ε.Ο.Σ. Samos (Single Winemaking Agricultural Cooperative of Samos, in the port of Malagari, tel. : 22730 87510,

It is housed in a stone building 19th c., which once functioned as a wine warehouse and barrel factory.

The Wine Museum has been operating since April- October, Tuesday – Friday, 10:30 a.m.- 5 p.m., SK 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., Closed on Monday. General entrance 5 € (with a tour) and there is a possibility of tasting, με ειδική τιμή σε γκρουπ άνω των 10 people, upon request, tel. : 22730 87510 (internal. 548), email : [email protected].

THE EOS. Samos remains open all year round, for product purchases, from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m.- 2 pm.

The local variety White Microrogo Muscat of Samos (PDO) cultivated at an altitude of up to 900 m., on dry stone terraces, is collected by hand and constitutes the 98% of the island's viticulture. The wines of E.O.S. εξάγονται σε όλο τον κόσμο ενδεικτικά τα : VIN SOFT (1The in sales), Nectar, High tops, SAMOS 1963 etc.. The VIN SOFT it is a sweet wine that goes well with fruit, such as melon-watermelon or with sweets containing fresh fruit.

From Samos White Muscat also comes from sum where is "Tsikoudia of Samos».

Samos also produces its own Ouzo, with more special the HERA Ouzo Yocarine, which contains more alcohol and anise and is drunk as an aperitif (gas station for shopping in Vathi, Alexandrou Paschalis Street 4, tel. : 22730 2888, Closed on Sundays).

Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Samos, with a collection of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine relics from the Monasteries and Temples of Samos, street 28th October 2, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. -2 pm. SC closed.

Gagos beach,2 km from Vathi, after the Hospital. Organized beach, perfect for a quick dip near the city, in an area with many hotels.

Zoodochos Pigi Monastery or Aeliotissa (18th) – Monument of Priests : 13 km northeast. of the city of Samos, built in 400 m. with a view of Turkey.

Monastery of Agia Zoni Blameless (1695), in the valley of Vlamari, with remarkable murals (17th) and library.

  • Pythagorean : TO., popular tourist destination with a large port, organized boat marina and beach.

Source :

The Pythagorean, in which was built the ancient city of Samos, and the Great, that is, the Sanctuary of goddess Hera, who according to Greek mythology was born in Samos, belonging to World Heritage monuments UNESCO.

From port of Pythagoras φεύγουν το πλοίο της γραμμής Dodecanisos Seaways για τα νησιά των Dodecanese, the ferry to Turkey (Kusadasi) and the boats for it islet Samiopoula.

The Samos Airport «Aristarchus Samios» (mathematical, astronomer) is only at 2,5 km from Pythagorion.

OR Samiopoula is a small island, Stan. of Samos, opposite the Kacorema beach, with the beach Scissors.

What to see in Pythagorion :

Archaeological Museum of Pythagoras

Άγαλμα Πυθαγόρα του Σάμιου (philosopher, mathematical), που σχηματίζει ορθογώνιο τρίγωνο, to remind the Pythagorean Theorem.

Pythagorean Castle Hill, SW. harbor, with Byzantine remains castle, the church Transfiguration of the Savior (1831 or 1833) and the Pyrgo – Museum of Lycurgus Logothetis (pioneer of the Samian Revolution 1821).

Blue Street, the art alley where everything is painted blue (tourist sight).

Evpalinio Trench, the "double trench", with south and north mouth, designated by the International Tunneling Association as a "World Tunneling Landmark".

It is an underground aqueduct, length 1.036 m. and dimensions 1.80X1.80, which was built during the time of the tyrant Polycrates (2The μισό 6th century. B.C.), with architect him Eupalino. Information about your visit : Ephorate of Antiquities of Samos, tel. : 22730 62813. Inside the tunnel, due to the increased heat and humidity, έχουν δημιουργηθεί μικρές διαδρομές περιήγησης.

-abbey Panagia Spilianis, Pythagorean Hill, with a wonderful view and water flowing from a cave, tel. : 22730 61361.

Multistate Walls, remains of the ancient city walls, length 6.430 m.

Thermals or Roman baths (2th century. A.D.), Pythagorion beach.

Archaeological Site of Herai SamosTemple of Hera, over settlement of Herai. The imposing one Temple of Hera was built during the reign of Polycrates (6th century. B.C.), in place of the old one, smaller, Temple of Hera. He was impressive, dipterous, Ionic, the largest temple of the time, according to Herodotus. Visit information : Ephorate of Antiquities of Samos, tel. : 22730 62813, 22730 62811, entrance with ticket, daily 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., except Tuesday.

Representation of Naval Battle of Samos(5-8-1824) or Naval battle of Mykali, in the port Pythagoras. It's her evening stay (5/8) of the celebration Transfiguration of the Savior (6/8), after celebrating Mass. The city lights go out, boats with lighted torches appear from the sea and spectacular fireworks fill the sky.

OR Naval battle was done in Strait of Mykali (the closest point with Turkey) where the Greek fleet defeated the Ottoman fleet. At 6 August 1824, on her day Transfiguration of the Savior, η Σάμος ξημέρωσε απαλλαγμένη από την απειλή του εχθρού γι’ αυτό και στην bust of Lykourgos Logothetis (1772-1850, leader of his Samian Revolution 1821) it says "CHRISTOS SAMON SAVED ON THE SIXTH OF AUGUST 1824».

  • Great : N., small coastal settlement, 6 Km from Pythagorion, which is adjacent to him Archaeological Site of Heraion (1 km). features harbor, beach, few accommodations, cafes and taverns. Near the settlement of Herai is also the Sarakini Tower (1577), with two twin churches (accessible externally).
  • Dad Beach : 1 km Ν. of Herai (there are signs).

Beach with sand and pebbles, umbrellas, sunbeds (on charge), snack bar and restaurant with appetizers (must homemade meatballs with handmade tzatziki). Open 9 a.m.- 8 p.m., from 25/4 – 10/10, with free parking.

  • Marathokampos : ND., town built amphitheatrically at the foot of Mt Kerki, over Marathokampou Cove (4 km). the Easter Sunday becomes the custom of blowing upshells» και τον Αύγουστο το International Festival «In the Steps of Pythagoras», with many actions (information Municipality of West Samos,

By Marathon, begins a rural road that leads to Cave of Pythagoras, where Pythagoras taught in secret to avoid the tyrant Polycrates. In the distance 50 m. from the Pythagoras Cave is also the chapel Virgin Sarandaskaliotissa (11th ), at the cave entrance.

  • Marathokampou Bay or Cove : ND., 16 km from Pythagorion, fishing village, with port, marina boats, taverns, cafes and hotels.

By bight φεύγουν καραβάκια για ημερήσιες κρουαζιέρες προς το islet Samiopoula.

  • Kampos Marathokampou or Kampos : coastal settlement with the beach Pebbles, popular tourist destination, with many beaches around like Psili Marathokampou sand, Limnionas, Oak tree etc..
  • Mytilinians : TO., 12 Km from Vathi, settlement with a traditional square, taverns, shop with beekeeping products and the Museum of Natural History of the Aegean - Paleontology, tel. : 22730 52055,από (open from 1/5).
  • Black people : mountain village in the center of the island, with a history of ceramic art and hiking trails to Mount Ampelos. It is 10 km from Pythagorean and 23 km from Vathi.

In the sights Monastery of the Holy Cross (1592), with the beautiful wood-carved iconostasis and chandeliers with ostrich eggs hanging from them (to repel spiders). OR Monastery of the Holy Cross celebrated on 14/9, a great feast. Open summer 9 a.m.- 1 pm. and 6 a.m. – 8 pm. και χειμώνα 5 p.m.- 7 pm. tel. : 22730 37793, (masculine). He is buried here Patriarch formerly of Jerusalem Irenaeus I (Samos, 1939 - Athena, 2023).

The Easter, throngs of devotees flock here for the his custom Washbasin. Each Holy Wednesday, after Sequence of Niptiros (Early in the afternoon), in the courtyard of the Monastery, becomes the Representation of the Washbasin, σύμφωνα με το τελετουργικό του Patriarchate of Jerusalem. THE Metropolitan (as Christ) washes feet 11 priests (11 μαθητές πλην Ιούδα), to the sound of church hymns.

  • Kumaradaeans : mountain village in the center of the island, 12 km from Pythagorean and 25 km from Vathi, with pottery shops. in 2,5 km SE. of the village, is the abbey great Panagia Samos (1586), with wonderful frescoes (16th c.), tel. : 22730 41249 (masculine).
  • Tower : Kefalochori in the center of the island, known for honey production.
  • plane tree : mountain village with a nice square, taps, running waters and old laundry room. the laundry room of Samos they are large stone troughs, next to the public fountains, in which they used to wash clothes (tourist sight). Here you will find the award winning restaurant «Horizon», one of the two award-winning restaurants on the island. Platanos is far away 13 km από το Καρλόβασι και θα φτάσετε εύκολα μέσω της Επαρχ. GS. Karlovasou – Platanou.
  • Karlovasi : NW., or 2or largest city - port of the island, seat of the Municipality of West Samos, and its headquarters School of Positive Scientist of University of the Aegean. divided into Old, new, Middle Karlovasi, Cove and Port.

What to see in Karlovasi :

Tannery Museum, Neo Karlovasi, with machinery, tools and information about the tanning that flourished on the island in the late 19th century. Open daily 8 a.m. -2 p.m., outside SC, tel. : 22730 79137 (entrance free).

Paleo Karlovasi or Paleo, The 1th settlement of Karlovasos (from 1575), with her church Ag. Trinity (1904) to stand out on top of the hill. SW. of the old settlement is located cave of St. Antoniou (path access, 15’).

Naval Week, three-day festivities at the port of Karlovasos, usually at the end of July, information :

  • Potami Beach – Potami Falls, Neo Karlovasi. OR Potami beach it is very popular and is an ideal choice to admire the sunset from its white church Ag. Nicholas, the one with the modern bell tower. The Potami Falls is the most popular tourist attraction Island's.

Source : Πηγή :

You will arrive by a path that starts from Potami beach and passes by the ancient one temple Transfiguration of the Savior (13th), there are signs (1,5 km). Beautiful walking route, in plane trees, willows, olives, with running water, waterfalls and lakes, in which you can swim. at 2The waterfall you will reach by climbing a wooden staircase 60 stairs.

For coffee, breakfast, food you will find it Archontissa tavern, overlooking the sea and the Castle (14th c.). You can leave your things at the tavern, go hiking to the falls and come back later for food. Try local goat and shank, slowly baked in a wood-fired oven (no reservation required). For Highness there is also a road that starts from Ag. Nikolaos Potamiou (1 km), open all year round, 10 a.m. -7 pm.

  • Beaches Megalo and Little Seitan (or Seitania) : Karlovasi. From Potami beach starts a hiking trail to Little Seitan and then to Great Satan, located in the NW. of the term Kerkis or Kerketeas (Vigla peak, 1.433 m.), in a Natura area 2000.
  • Kokkari : NE., popular tourist destination. It has a large beach, organized center windsurf, cafes, fish taverns and the 2The award-winning restaurant of the island, «FILIA». After Kokkari you will find the organized beaches Lemons, Tsamadou and Chambu. The area is also cultivated orchids of Samos which are exported to many countries.
  • Vine – Σταυρινήδες : B., 25 km from Vathi. Vegetated area, with vineyards, lots of water, καταρράκτες και μονοπάτια πεζοπορίας προς το όρος Vine or Karvounis (top Prof. Elias, 1063 m.).
  • Saint ConstantineValley of Nightingales : B., ravines with towering trees, running water, chirping nightingales and many hiking trails.

Ithaki Restaurant

After St. Constantine (1 km) you will come across the forgotten village Hundreds of them and in position Platanakia, next to the river, the restaurant Ithaca which has electric bikes and hiking maps of the area. Open in the summer months every day, while in the winter only PSK.

  • Manolates (or Manolates) : beautiful mountain village, 25 km from Vathi, with traditional architecture and pottery shops.
  • Vourliotes : B., mountain village, between Vathi – Karlovasi (20 km). OR Monastery of Panagia Vrontiani or Thunder (1566), is the oldest of the island and is located 2 Km SE. from the Vourliotes, tel. : 22730 93255, daily 8 am-1 p.m.. and 4 pm-8 pm (masculine).
  • Neptunium : TO., in the Strait of Mykalis, 15 km from Vathi and 18 km from Pythagorion, with view Turkey. One of the most beautiful coastal settlements, has a port, beach and fish tavern.

The boats they make Daily trips to the beach Great Lakka and Casonisi, definitely make a stop at Neptunium, for bathing and eating. The Kasonisi Samos is a rocky island in the E. Island's, just a distance away 30 m. from the coast of Samos.

  • salt pit or habitat Mycale : TO., NATURA area 2000, it is a stopover for migratory birds.
  • Livadaki beach : B., 13 km from Vathi, 2,5 km after its settlement Ag. Friday (passable dirt road). Beautiful beach, inside a closed cove and at the entrance of Diaporti islet. Sandy with shallow turquoise waters, organized with umbrellas, deckchairs and kayaks, which has the Livadaki beach bar.
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