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Skiathos, the cosmopolitan of the Sporades

Greece Aegean Islands


  • BOURTZI (13th c.)

Pine-covered hill on a small peninsula, next to the harbor, united with Chora, the Bourtzi.

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In the Bourtzi You will see Naval Museum & Cultural Tradition with the history of the island. You will find it cafis- restaurant Bourtzi,, for breakfast, brown, food, drink and somewhere between the tables the steps leading to the sea, for a quick dip.

The Municipality has placed benches (minimum), under the pines, where you can enjoy the view.

  • Naval Museum & Cultural Tradition of Skiathos

The Naval Museum & Cultural Tradition founded in 2015 and is housed in Primary school Bourtzi Cultural Center.

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You will see exhibits from the naval history of the island, such as ship dummies, nautical maps, instruments etc.. Δ / ση: East Beach, Bourtzi, tel. : 6945 107626, 6938 246755, 24270 23504, June-September open : 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.. & 6:30 pm. – 10:30 p.m., April-May & October: 6 pm. – 9 pm. and the remaining months by appointment.

The old primary school of the island (It was built in 1906) houses today Primary school Cultural Center of the Municipality of Skiathos.

Here they are made, all year, cultural events "Dream on the wave».


  • Papadiamanti Street

It is the most famous road of the island that starts from the port and continues to the interior of Chora.

Here you will find most of the shops, mainly for souvenirs, mini market, skewers, fast food, beer, coffee etc..

  • His House-Museum Alexander Papadiamantis

This is his paternal home Alexandrou Papadiamantis (1851-1911), built in 1860 and is Historical Preserved Monument. He was born here, grew up and lived the last years of his life o A. Papadiamantis, one of the most important Greek writers. It is a traditional Skiathos house, with lower and upper. There is a bookstore downstairs, from old and new versions, like the "MurderessWhich is also considered his masterpiece, cards and souvenirs. The author's personal belongings have been collected at the top, his bed, his clothes etc..


You will arrive from Papadiamanti Street 12, towards the Papadiamantis square. Entrance from the square, ticket 1 € , tel. : 24270 22240, information :

  • Old Port

It's the Old Port Island's, and from here the boats leave for day trips, to the beaches of the island, the islands of Tsougria but also to Skopelos - Alonissos with the water park. The day ships are moored in front of Monument Vassilis Λάσκου (Pen, 1899-Skiathos, 1943), of the commander of the "Katsonis" substation, which sank off Skiathos, at 14-9-1943, by the Germans.

In the Old Port you will find mainly cafes and bars, overlooking the Bourtzi.

  • Coastal

THE Coastal extends from the main port and boat marina to Wetland of Lake Agios Georgios and the carnagio. You will come here for food, in restaurants and fish taverns, overlooking luxury boats and planes landing literally above your head. In the evening o Coastal is ideal for a night walk, in front of the Primary school Park and the boat marina.

  • Holy Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin

It was built between 1794-1806, by Osios Nefon, the New Common Leader, who is also the protector of Skiathos (shadow-Mount Athos), He was the first abbot of the Monastery who belonged to the movement of the Kollyvades of Mount Athos (Skiathos = shadow-Mount Athos). Here was woven the 1or Greek flag, she with the white cross in the middle. It is worth coming to admire the monastery and to relax in the «Traditional CafeOf the Monastery, located on a hill overlooking the north side of the island. It has a Museum with a folklore collection and a shop selling local products, such as the local wine "Alypiakos", oil, honey, ointments, spoon sweets etc.. It is a male monastery and is located in Agallianoi. You can also reach by bus from Chora (about 1 time) Open daily, tel. : 24270 22012,

  • Agios Nikolaos Square

On the hill above Chora, You will see small church of Agios Nikolaos, with the bell tower. You will come to take the most beautiful photos of the island from above (access by stairs).

  • Castle

founded in 14The century. on a rock, by the inhabitants who moved to the northern tip of the island, to control the passage, and you will see that it is saved from the ancient fortification (information :

  • Skiathos House

This is a private collection housed in a two-storey traditional stone house 1910. Located in Chora, and you will see woven, local costumes, seasonal decorations, useful objects etc.. Address : Polytechniou Street, tel. : 6973221138,

  • Skiathos beaches


The Pine cones, with its wetland Lake Strofilia, is the most famous beach of Skiathos and one of the best in the Mediterranean. It got its name from the many pines that are also called pine cones. It has endless golden sand, shallow, umbrellas, sunbeds, beach bar, sea ​​sports, diving center, lifeguards and pine forest to the sea.

The settlement of Koukounaries has many taverns and rental accommodation, As the Skiathos Palace, which is the most famous hotel of the island, and all the Sporades, as it is the oldest (today renovated and luxurious), tel. : 24270 49700, , Maratha-Koukounaries beach. You will reach Koukounaries from the asphalt road of the island, about 13 km from Chora.


The also famous Lalaria beach got its name from the round white pebbles (lalaria = pebbles). Apart from the pebbles, it stands out for its turquoise waters and the impressive white rocks.. It is forbidden to take, as a souvenir, pebbles from the beach (there is a sign). Located in NE. end of the island and access is only by sea, by dayboats or by your own boat (as long as there is no north wind).

The north side of the island is mostly rocky, strongly influenced by north winds and therefore less developed tourist.

In Skiathos you will find more than 60 beaches.

In N.. – TO. side that is the most touristic, you will find the beaches : Great Sand, King, Pears, Straw, Holy Friday, Βρωμόλιμνος (N.), Dome, Sofa, Megali Ammos etc..

To B.. –ΒΔ. you will find the beaches : Mandraki, Olive, Hook, Aselinos (Small and Big), Millet, Castle, Hidden Sand, Saint Helen, Big Banana, little Banana (nudist) etc..






Access to the beaches, is done as follows :

  • by local bus. The starting point of the buses is in the Municipal Park, in Paraliakos.
  • by boat. Private boats make day trips to beaches and islands, Tsougrias and Arc Skiathos but also to Reef – Alonissos – Northern Sporades Marine Park (cost about 10-12 €, depending on the trip you choose).


In addition to the day ships there is also the "Skiathos Water Taxi», making day trips from Pine cones to beaches and islets Tsougrias and Arc or Reef- Alonissos- Northern Sporades Marine Park.

It also runs itineraries from Pelion region Katigiorgi (15’) or by Platanias of Pelion (25’) or from Volos to Pine cones Skiathos (enough to weather permitting), tel.: 6980 200200, .



OR Skiathos It is 4 nm. from the neighboring Reef, 2,4 nm. from its shores Pelion and 41 nm. from Volos.

The settlement Skopelos language, with the port Tongue bath, is located just opposite its shores Skiathos (distance from Skopelos Town 37 km).

  • By air

Skiathos International Airport «Alexandros Papadiamantis», tel. : 24270 29100, There are flights from Athens (35’), from Thessaloniki and charters, from many foreign countries. It is 5 'from Chora and Chora is only 5' and the access to and from the airport is by taxi or by some rented means (from the Skiathos Ring Road or the Paraliakos). If you have time for walking (and some luggage) you can also make the route on foot, by Coastal and Carnagio, about 20'-30 '.

  • By boat

With ferry or catamaran which also accepts cars or Flying Dolpfin.

Analytically :

a) from his port Volos N. Magnesia (all year), by company ship ANES, Argonauts Street 34, Volos beach, tel. : 24210 28000,, the company's Hellenic Seaways etc..

b) from his port St. Constantine N. Fthiotida (the summer months), by boat, company catamaran Hellenic Seaways or with Aegean Flying Dolpfin.

c) from the port Kymasi Mantoudiou N.. Of Evia (to Skiathos-Glossa Skopelos-Alonissos), duration 2,30 hours, by her ship ANES,, Athens agency : Θ. Deligianni 21, Silk factory, tel. : 210 5237613 and Kymasi Mantoudiou, tel. : 22270 23336.

d) from the beach Kymi of Evia (only during the summer months). Itineraries from Kimi Beach, are carried ONLY to Skyros-Alonissos-Skopelos and then from Skopelos to Skiathos, with the liner (you will have to find the answer otherwise you will spend the night in Skopelos) or taxi boat from Glossa Skopelos (if weather permits. Information, «Skyros Shipping », tel. : 22220 91789, 22220 92164,

From the Reef to Skiathos you can reach as follows :

a) from central port of Skopelos, with the liner and the itinerary : Alonissos-Skopelos-Skiathos.

b) from Loutraki port of Glossa Skopelos, with a liner that stops at Language.

c) from the port Skopelos Language Bath with the taxi boat Skopelos, «Sea Cab», to port of Skiathos and vice versa (enough to weather permitting), tel. : 6984 203695.

d) with the taxi boat «Skiathos Water Taxi», from the beach Pine cones Skiathos to the port Loutraki Skopelos Language or main port Skopelos (if weather permits).

The "Skiathos Water Taxi», operates routes from and Pelion, region Katigiorgi (15’) or Platanias of Pelion (25’) or from Volos to Pine cones Skiathos (enough to weather permitting). Information, tel. : 6980 200200,


How to get to Skiathos from the above ports :

  • By bus

a) Athens – Volos, 4 hours (324 km) and Thessalonica- Marble, 2,5 hours (216 km). From the KTEL Volos to the port of Volos you will need a taxi (10’) as the city bus does not have an immediate response. Intercity KTEL N.. Magnesia, Zachos 5, Marble, tel. : 24210 33254, 24210 25527,, and Urban KTEL. Volos, tel. : 2421 025532

Volos Taxi Center, tel. : 24210 27777, 24210 37880-8, 24210 61100 (from fixed), tel.: 6970 227777 (by Cosmote or What’s up), tel.: 6946 277776 (from Vodafone or CU) and tel. : 6930 127777 (by Wind),

b) Athens-Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida, 2,5 hours (165 km) with the intercity KETL Fthiotida, PEO Athens-Thessaloniki 18, Saint Constantine, tel. : 2235 032223,

c) Athena- Kymasi Mantoudiou Of Evia

KTEL Liosia, ha. Dagli 41, Athena, tel. centre : 210 8317186 (08.00 – 16.00), Monday - Friday, 210 8317153, 210 8317163, 210 8322997.

KTEL Evia, to Kymasi Mantoudiou, tel. : 22210 20400, 22210 22436, 22210 22640.

You can reach Wave Mantoudiou and by coach of the shipping company ANES, at low cost and with immediate response by ship, without unnecessary stops (the same applies from Kymasi to Athens).

Information in the agency ANES Athens, Theodorou Diligianni Street 21, Silk factory (near the Metro station), tel. : 210 5237613, or ANES Mantoudiou, Achilles 10, Kymasi Mantoudiou, tel. : 22270 23336,

c) Athens-beach of Kymi, Evia

KTEL Liosia, ha. Dagli 41, Athena, tel. centre : 2108317186 (08.00 – 16.00), Monday - Friday, 210 8317153, 210 8322997, 210 8317163.

KTEL Evia, route to Kymi, tel. : 22210 20400, 22210 22436, 22210 22640.

  • By taxi

Taxis running long distance routes from Volos to Holy Constantine or from Athena to Saint Constantine or Volos, etc. (travel all year round), indicative, «BETA taxi»,

  • With private coaches

a )by travel agency bus ALKYON TRAVEL, from Kaningos square Athens (beginning of Akadimias Street) to port of Agios Konstantinos (and vice versa, at low cost).

There is an immediate response to the liner or its catamaran Helllenic Sea Ways, and so you will not have to wait at the port.

The bus route is well known to locals and tourists, for this you will need to book the place (1-2 days before) or prepay the ticket (mainly July- August).

Information, tel. : 22350 32444, port of Agios Konstantinos or tel. : 210 832545, Kaningos square, Athena

b) by travel agency bus Jetatours, Victory 54 & Philellinon, Syntagma Square, with immediate response to the ship departing from port of Agios Konstantinos (to Skiathos-Skopelos, and only in the summer months). Information, tel. : 210 3230582, 210 3227353,

Indicative agencies for tickets, ship information etc..


-FERRYTRAVELLER.GR, Argonauts 35, Volos beach, tel. : 24211 03000

VIS Travel, port of Volos, tel. : 24210 31059 (for ANES)

Sporades Travel, port of Volos, tel. : 24210 31059 (for Hellenic Seaways)

-BILALIS Travel Agency, Karaiskaki 4, Saint Constantine of Fthiotida, tel. : 22350 89540

StavrianosPetrou, port of Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida, tel. : 2250 32609

HELIOTROPIO, port of Skiathos, Skiathos, tel. : 24270 21732

LEMONIS AGENCY SKOPELOS, central port of Skopelos Town, Skopelos, tel. : 24240 22363 and the port of Glossa Skopelos, tel. : 24240 34335

-Skopelos Naval Agency, central port of Skopelos Town, tel. : 24240 22767, 24240 23060

ALONNISOS Travel, port of Alonissos, Press, tel. : 24240 66000

Kymi Agency, port of Kymi, tel. : 22220 22020

  • By train

By train INTERCITY, until Volos and then by ferry to Skiathos. Indicatively : Athens - Volos by train 4,5 hours and Thessaloniki- Marble, by train to 3,5 hours.

useful phone numbers

  • Municipality of Skiathos, tel. : 24273 50100, 24270 22022
  • Municipality of Volos, tel. : 24210 30930
  • Volos Port Authority, tel. : 24270 22017
  • Port Authority of Agios Konstantinos, tel. : 22350 31759
  • Skopelos Port Authority, tel. : 24240 22180 & Skopelos Language, tel. : 24240 33033
  • Mantoudi Port Station, tel: 2227022020 tel.& fax : 24210 39723
  • Kymi Evia Port Authority, tel: 2222022606
  • Skiathos Tourist Police, tel. : 24270 23172
  • Volos Tourist Police, tel.& fax : 24210 39065
  • Skiathos Hoteliers Association, tel. : 24270 29922, 24270 29911, 24270 29913
  • Skiathos Rooms Association "O DIAS", tel.& fax : 24270 21488
  • Skiathos Rooms Association "SKIATHOS", tel : 24270 23633
  • Volos Railway Station, TRAINOSE, tel. : 24210 24056
  • Skiathos Taxi Center, tel.& fax : 2427 24461
  • Volos Taxi Center, tel. : 24210 27777, 24210 37880-8, 24210 61100
  • Skiathos Health Center, tel. : 24270 22222, 24273 50010, 24273 50020
  • Thessaly Tourist Boats Association,
  • bus, Magnesia intercity bus station- Volos, tel. : 24210 33253, 24210 33254, 24210 25527
  • Ferry itineraries of Volos, tel. : 24210 31059, 24210 31060, 24210 23415, 24210 23400, 24210 35846



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