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Telendos, the enchanting island of the Dodecanese with the famous sunset

Greece Aegean Islands

OR Telendos is an elongated island, length 4 km located opposite the W. coasts of Kalymnos, approximately 0,5 nm. from the Myrtles and Bobbin. It has a settlement in the SE., opposite the Myrtles, and a mountain mass of height 458 m. with the top of Back.

It is famous for its sunset, climbing, the hiking and the tranquility that exudes as cars are not allowed on the island.

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To go to Talent you should take the sea taxi (caique) performing it daily Myrties-Telendos route.


Sea taxis depart every half hour from Myrtles at about cost 2,5 € for adults and 1,5 € for children.

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Photo source : On the Rocks

«Santa Claus of Telendos"Or"Princess of Telendos"Or"Marbled Santa ClausIs the name of the person who is formed on the unique rock of the island. According to a legend, from here jumped and killed a princess as she believed her lover, who waited in vain to come from Kalymnos, he abandoned her. In the homonymous settlement you will find taverns that serve fresh fish and seafood from the boats but also a local goat that grazes freely on the island, «berries"As it is called.


Indicatively for food or coffee we mention you :

  • Rita, cafe-restaurant and rooms for rent, tel. : 22430 47914
  • The Capsule, restaurant on the sea, tel. : 22430 47363
  • Plate, restaurant on the sea overlooking Kalymnos, tel. : 22430 47921
  • On the Rocks, restaurant, You will find a local goat "berry", lamb, and fresh fish and seafood from their boat, tel. : 22430 48260, tel. & fax : 22430 48261, 6932 978142. The company also owns the sea taxi - day ship "Princess of Telendos», rooms for rent and the shop with local products, gifts etc..

  • Rock – On the Rocks, cafe on the beach, with umbrellas and sunbeds.

  • Beard Stathis, tavern, tel. : 22430 47954
  • Naval, cafe next to Rita

In Telendos you will find the mini market «The beautiful TelendosAnd a grocery store & bakery, for the necessary.


The beaches of Telendos are located mainly in the SE. section of island, in the settlement.

Beaches near the settlement:

  • Plate,the 1st beach of the settlement, before the Potha.
  • Potha, or 2or beach in the North. settlement, overlooking Kalymnos. Organised, sand and pebbles, rocks and crystal clear waters. It is quite popular as it is located in the settlement and has easy access.

  • Paradise, or 3or beach in the North. of the settlement the continuation of Potha beach, for nudists.


isolated, with sand and gravel, organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and rocks that protect it from prying eyes.

  • On the Rocks beach, in front of the "On the Rocks». Organised, with sunbeds and umbrellas and possibility for water sports available in the restaurant & rental rooms "On the Rocks»To the customers of e.g.. canoe - kayak, pedal boat etc..
  • New beach, in front of the On the Rocks «THE ROCK»

Sand, organized with sunbeds and umbrellas by On the Rocks «THE ROCK»

Beaches outside the settlement :

  • Drowned Beach, D. -ND.

Deserted beach, inside a creek, with shallow clear water, sand, and easy access from the path leading to Early Christian Necropolis (about 20′ the settlement).

  • Χοχλακάς, W.-SW. pebble, has umbrellas and sunbeds, and is ideal to admire sunset. It is influenced by the southerners, so when it blows, prefer the beaches of the settlement. It is located below hill of the Holy Trinity and you will reach very easily from the path that starts from the settlement.


Indicatively :

  • Afrodite Luxury Rooms @Telendos, tel. : 6979 245894,
  • Hotel Porto Potha, 2*, has a swimming pool & bar, tel. : 22430 47321
  • «On the Rocks», rental rooms, tel. : 22430 48260, tel. & fax : 22430 48261, 6932 978142. "On the Rocks" -restaurant-rooms

  • Rita, rental rooms, tel. : 22430 47914, information in the cafe-restaurant
  • Maria and Vicky apartments, tel. : 22430 29680, 6976 700954


  • Take part in festivals made on 14 August, his stay 15 of the Assumption of the Virgin (Zoodochos Pigi church in the settlement), and 21 May in his church St. Constantine, the hill.
  • Arrange by sea taxi «Princess of Telendos»Private tour to admire the sunset at sea or do it round of Telendos (restaurant information «On the Rocks», tel. : 22430 48260, 6932 978142, tel. & fax :: 22430 48261) .


  • If you do not have time to visit Telendo you will find private coaches that organize tours such as : «Her round Kalymnos" with "Myrtles and View of Telendos» (sunset and "Marbled Princess»).

Indicatively : Tezaris, tel. : 22430 22800,


  • Hiking to discover the antiquities of the island and the picturesque churches. From the settlement, following dirt paths and signs, you will reach the hill where you will see the ruined Byzantine Castle and Byzantine church of Agios Konstantinos. From here you will take the most beautiful photos of the island.

Hiking to Early Christian Basilica of the Saint Kingdom (fee 5th-authorities 6th c., aisled), the Early Christian Basilica of the Holy Trinity, (three-aisled basilica very well preserved), the baths and Early Christian Necropolis in place Tholaria with vaulted tombs.

Hiking to small church of Agios Georgios, from a path that starts from the settlement and then from steep stairs (10From the settlement). It is built on a rock and from here you will have stunning views of the sea and the famous sunset. The small church of Agios Georgios is ideal to perform Wedding or baptism overlooking the endless blue.

  • Climb on the only rock of the island, at the top Back, from the shaped ones climbing fields. Climbing months : March-May and September-December.

In Telendos you will find climbing fields «of a rope», height 20-35 m., medium difficulty and alpine routes, «multiple ropes».

The sea taxi «Princess Telendos», of the restaurant «On The Rocks»( tel. : 6932 978142), carries climbers from Kalymnos to her climbing points Τελένδου .

You will find equipment stores in the settlement Massouri of Kalymnos.

Kalymnos has Voluntary Rescue Team (Kalymnos Rescue Team), In case of need, call it 112, no charge, ask to connect with Kalymnos Hospital and they will inform the Rescue Team.

  • Diving to explore the seabed and submerged state of Telendos.

After its strong earthquake 535 A.D., where the Kalymnos-Telendos strait was created, the sunken ancient state is visible even from the land. You will see the sunken houses by him settlement of Telendos, where the boats moor, and from beach Paradise, to the right of "On the Rocks". In Kalymnos there are more than 25 diving points, to which access is mainly by boat, which are mapped.

Diving Route Network, tel. : 22410 75323, Dodecanese Development (ΑΝ.ΔΩ.) SA, (information :

Diving takes place at narrow Myrties of KalymnosΤελένδου, where the ancient state is sunk, in the cape Castelli (Kastelli) opposite the NE. end of Telendos etc..

For organized diving, with your certified divers, we mention you indicatively :

Kalymnos Diving Club, area of ​​Armeos, Kalymnos, tel. : 6974 646413, 6938 755896,

Divers IslandKalymnos, diving center of Kalymnos, tel. : 22430 48287, 6948 376039, 6948 104715,,

They provide free diving equipment, certified instructors and commuting to and from the dive site, as in the "drowned" position of Telendos, on the islet of Apanonisia, in D.. of Telendos etc..


To perform religious wedding or baptism in Telendos you will choose her church Panagia the settlement (church of Zoodochos Pigi) or its chapel St. George, on the rock above the sea, overlooking the sunset. Information about the church and the priest :


«On the Rocks»

For Civil marriage or wedding party beaches are suitable Paradise and On the Rocks, where the restaurant owner "On the Rocks» will help you organize it. In addition you can rent the sea taxi «Princess of Telendos» (of the same company) to transport guests or to enjoy the sunset at sea (information"On the Rocks», tel. : 22430 48260, tel. & fax : 22430 48261, 6932 978142).


  • Local products such as local thyme honey, herbs of the mountain such as thyme and oregano, of course sponges etc.. You will find them in the restaurant store «On the Rocks», in the mini market «The beautiful TelendosAnd in the grocery of the island.
  • Handmade jewelry and gifts made by its owner «On the Rocks» (you will find them in the restaurant of the same name).

useful information

OR Telendos located in Dodecanese N. Aegean and belongs administratively to Municipality of Kalymnos.

It has been declared Special Protection Zone for 2 hawk species, Black peregrine falcon (Eleonora's Falcon) and Petrite (Falco) and for the Aegean Gull (Larus audouinii), which nest mainly in the N. Island's.

The sea area named «Islands of Kalymnos: Up Water, Sarai, Telendos» (GR 4210019), It belongs to the network NATURE 2000, of Law. Aegean.


  • Access to the island of Kalymnos can be done by boat from port of Piraeus or from the surrounding islands by boat "Island Kalymnos»Of the company ANEK,, tel. : 22430 29612, Kalymnos
  • By air, as Kalymnos has airport, with direct flight from Athena or by flight connecting neighboring islands such as : Rhodes-Kos-Kalymnos-Leros-Astypalea etc.. Kalymnos Airport (tel. : 22430 59370) is located 5 Km ΒΔ. from the port and capital of Kalymnos, Pothia.
  • From Kos and the area Mastic, you will reach very easily Pothia of Kalymnos, with local boats that run regularly Mastic-Pothia and vice versa (duration 30′-45′).

Indicatively : Kalymnos Dolphin - ANE Καλύμνου, tel. : 22430 29612, Kalymnos and ANEM Ferries, agency Mastichari Kos, tel. : 22420 59124, 22420 59027 and Pothia Kalymnos agency, tel. : 22430 51630,

The international Airport Kos It is 7 km from Mastic (It is 22 km from Kos town) and you will arrive by taxi or rental car or scooter.


  • From Pothia Kalymnos you will arrive at Myrtles (It is 8 km), by your own means of transport or by local taxi (taxi station, tel. : 22430 50300) or local bus (tel. : 22430 51760) and then, by water taxi, you will go to 5′ in Talent.

useful phone numbers

Municipality of Kalymnos, tel. : 22430 59143

Port of Kalymnos, tel. : 22430 24444, 22430 29304

Kalymnos Police, tel. : 22430 22100, 22430 29301

Kalymnos Hospital, tel. : 22433 61923

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