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Kastanitsa Arcadia, The Enchanting Jewel Of Parnon

Greece Peloponnese

Kastanitsa Arcadia (Tsakonic : Gastenitsa), It is one of the first villages founded by Tsakonians (1293). Located on the slopes of Mount Parnon, in altitude 840 m., in a forest of chestnut, trees and fir. The great chestnut that surrounds (4.100 strm.) he also gave the name Kastanitsa to the village.

Has declared a traditional settlement since preserves the architecture Tsakonian. stone houses, chateaus, with slate roofs Parnon and white whitewashed facades. Kastanitsa, besides the production of chestnuts, It was formerly known for lime production. More than 40 lime once worked unceasingly, for baking lime, and now are left only 3.

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  • Kapsampeli tower, in the north of the village, nice view from above. Old Byzantine tower (14th) which was maintained at the expense of the chieftain Kapsampeli 1810.

  • Central Square Kourouni Sotiris (Fallen in Cyprus) or Square mother's" (The source that supplies water to the village). Taverns and traditional village cafe.

  • Parish Church of the Transfiguration (1780). Singles wooden screen, Russian origin. Build it 1818 in Odessa, expense of Kastanitsioti Elias Manesi, officer of Catherine the Great and member of the Society of Friends. celebrated on 6 August with a festival on the eve 5 August.

  • Kapsampeli square, next to the parish church with the little St. John church

  • Environmental Information Center – Folklore Exhibition Hall in the primary school building (1870) and Botanical Garden, with local plants in the courtyard.
  • Monastery of St. Nicholas St. Panteleimon Kontolinas, old small church. The chapel of St.. Panteleimon, It was part of the monastery of St.. Nicholas. According to the Patriarchal sigillium 1628, built in the early 15th century. and destroyed 1826 by Ibrahim Pasha. Only the small church with its frescoes survives from the monastery Κουλιδά (1767).


  • Chestnut Festival, done by 1983 and every year, the last weekend of October. The festival has an entrance 2 euro with which you can have free chestnuts, wine, commemorative bracelet and participation in a lottery with prizes. The celebration includes traditional music and dances from local bands, humorous skits with Tsakonian dialect and games for children. Paying a small fee you can taste local dishes such as pork or beef with chestnut, boiled goat, skewers, bean soup, chicken pie with chestnut, desserts based on chestnuts etc.. You will also find many stalls to buy local products for the home, as chestnuts, sweets with chestnut, chestnut paste, cake with chestnut, noodles, honey etc..

In the central square placed tables to sit under a covered area. At the village entrance, the municipal parking, you should leave compulsory, your car.

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  • Feast of the Forest, every summer for viewing flora and fauna of Mt Parnon.

  • Cultural events, the first half of August, speeches, theatrical performances and musical evenings.
  • Carnival celebration, masked revelry until dawn.

HIKING Kastanitsa – parnon

Parnon or Malevos or Kronion Mount stretches east to Arcadia and Kynouria from Laconia to the Cape Malea.

The chestnut of Kastanitsa belongs to the NATURA Network 2000 and has been declared protected area of ​​nature and wildlife refuge.

  • Kastanitsa route - Monastery Kontolinas - Gorge togetherPrastos, path in a wooded area of ​​chestnut. Following the dirt road from Kastanitsa, through the gorge is full of trees, You will reach the small chapel. From here we continue to the village Prastos (about 7 km).

  • Kastanitsa route- great Tourla, length 9.124 m. (EOS Parnon information). Great Tourla is the highest peak of Mount Parnon (altitude 1.935 m.).


«ANTONIOU», traditional guesthouse (tel. 27550 52255, 69790035530,

Kastanitsa - FOOD

  • «The Ornament of Parnon», tavern – local flavors based on chestnut (tel. : 27550 52255)
  • «The LIAKOURIS», Tavern - grocery with traditional products (tel. : 27550 52293, 6972 328372)
  • «Parnon», family restaurant (tel. : 27550 52255)
  • «The Balcony of Theofanis», cafe - tavern (tel. : 6972 328372)

Kastanitsa - ACCESS

Kastanitsa is from Athens about 205 km, from Tripoli 71 km, from Astros 31 km from Sparta 55 km.

To reach it follow the following routes :

  • Astros - Mountain Meligou – Charadros – plane tree- Sitaina- Kastanitsa (about 22 km)
  • Astros – Saint Andrew – Kastanitsa (20 km):
  • Tripoli - Saint Peter - Stravorachi
  • Tripoli, to Sparta - Karyes – Vamvakou


  • North Kynouria, Astros seat, tel. 27553 60100, Local Community Kastanitsa
  • Association of Worldwide Kastanitsioton "The METAMORPHOSIS OF SAVIOR"
  • Cultural and Naturalist Association Kastanitsa "SAINT PANTELEIMON"
  • Parnon Management Agency and Wetland Moustos,
  • EOS Sparta - Parnon, (tel. : 27310 22574)

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