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Cavo Paradiso, Kos

Greece Aegean Islands

It is an exotic, small beach on the island of Kos, of Law. Dodecanese, the Aegean Sea. The crystal clear blue waters, the fine white sand with pebbles and rocks around compose a scene of wild beauty.

The beach Cavo Paradiso, Located on the southern tip of the island of Kos and the nearest village is Mullet. Kefalos is a village in the southwestern part of the island and is the capital of the island of Kos, about 42 km and 16 km from the International Airport of the island, "Hippocrates". Access is from Kefalos (within half an hour) and 4X4 car needed, as most of the road is not passable, dirt road. Because of this difficulty in accessing, The beach remains, almost always, quiet and secluded.

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Here awaits you a "pirate", as he is called by his friends, owner of the only beach bar, for water, brown, cocktail, beers and whatever else can make for you, the available generator. Although the beach is isolated and without electricity, mobiles have good signal. The owner of the beach bar has placed, the sand, some umbrellas and sunbeds, for customers of.

Because the beach is exposed to southern winds is an ideal place for serf.


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Municipality of Kos, tel. : 2242028724, 2242028223, 2242022326

Kos International Airport, "Hippocrates", tel. : 2242056000, 2242051591,2242051567

Kos Tourist Police, tel. : 22420 22444

municipal Buses, Kos, tel: 22420 26276

taxi Kos, tel: 2242022777, 2242023333

taxi Kefalos, tel: 2242071222

Embassy of United Kingdom, Kos, tel: 22420 26203

Embassy of Italy, Kos, tel:22420 21991

Swedish Embassy, kos tel:22420 26278

Finnish Embassy, Kos, tel:22420 22340

Embassy of Denmark, Kos, tel:22420 25845

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