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Loutraki Thermal Spa A State-of-the-art Hydrotherapy And Relaxation Center In Loutraki

Greece Peloponnese

The Loutraki Thermal Spa is a modern and fully equipped hydrotherapy center, about 5.000 sq.m., which uses the famous, since ancient times, Thermal Spring Water of Loutraki.

The Thermal water it gushes, since ancient times, from a rock located inside its building Municipal Spa and is 300 m. from the hydrotherapy center.

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The Loutraki Thermal Spa it is at center of the city of Loutraki, of a seaside spa town in Corinthian Gulf, headquarters of the Municipality of Loutraki - Perachora - Agioi Theodoros N. Corinth, Peloponnese, just a distance away 80 km from Athens.

In the Loutraki Thermal Spa you will come for : spa treatments and hydromassage, that help health and offer well-being and relaxation, body massage, body treatments – person, mud therapy, chocolate therapy, sauna, steam baths (Turkish bath), aqua aerobic.

the main characteristics of Thermal Water Spring of Loutraki They are :

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Hypothermia, Sodium chloride, Trace metals, weakly Alkaline with Ph 7,2-7,3, Subtly, Radioactive, with a temperature of 30,5-32The C.

The spa treatments – hydromassage they are made in two indoor heated Thermal Water pools, with waterfalls and underwater hydromassage jets, in one outdoor pool Thermal Water, with waterfalls and water mushroom and in individual rooms cabins with bathtubs (only during the summer months).

The water temperature in the pools ranges from 31-32 The C (all year).

Outdoor Thermal Water Pool



The hydrotherapy center also has an internal cold water pool for post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Spa Hydromassage Pool

The mud treatments – body treatments are made with Thermal water Loutraki, mud from the Dead Sea and olive, for which they offer hydration and rejuvenation.

The body massage, for men, women or couples, it is done with hot wax and massages by one or two therapists, at the same time, which apply coordinated massaging movements for more well-being (4 hands). Recommended after a relaxing spa treatment, for muscle pain relief, tightening, cellulite etc.

The beauty treatments – facial care - chocolate therapy, for couples, brides etc, they are made with plant products and offer shine and antiaging.

Look for the 5-day treatment-beauty packages with integrated services, like the : Therapeutic Programs, Wellness Programs – Rejuvenation, Wellness-Beauty Programs or the one-day packages (cost information at

Aqua Aerobic

The aqua aerobic takes place in an indoor or outdoor pool (the summer) with its use Thermal Water.

For positherapy there is a tap where you can drink the mineral water of the spring completely free of charge.

For services spa – hydromassage (pools), sauna and steam baths (Turkish bath) no appointment required. You should bring a bathing suit, towel, flip flops and ID or passport (only on your first visit) so that the doctor can issue the bather's card. The use of the facilities spa – hydromassage allowed to people over 15 years. Access to the hydrotherapy center is also easy for the disabled.

Find out about the restrictions that apply when you enter the pools at (unity : Useful General Information).

The Loutraki Thermal Spa has extra fitness room which you can rent, by day, for exercises yoga. Address : Loutraki Thermal Spa, street C. Lekka 24 (main city street), tel. : 27440 62186, 27440 22215.

Hours : Monday- Friday 11 a.m. – 7 pm. and SK 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., except from maintenance days of the hydrotherapy center that remains closed (in the end October and for approx 10 days). For the days it remains closed, a relevant post is published on

The Loutraki Thermal Spa is a member of of the European Association of Historic Baths "EMERGENCY» to which the famous spa towns also belong Karlovy Vary Czech Republic, Vichy France, of oneof one Germany et al.


The Loutraki (from the word : bath) it is considered the most ancient Greek spa town as the ancient city of Thermon, a city of ancient Corinth well known for its thermal baths.

According to Greek Mythology, or Thermia Artemis, patron saint of hot thermal waters, he was enchanted by the area and decided to settle here, they enjoyed the "Water of life», together with the Nymphs of the waters, Niriides and Hydras.


The exploitation of Thermal Springs of Loutraki started after 1847, when the results of the first analyzes of the waters, conducted by Professor Giovanni Battista Delvinioti, showed that the mineral waters of the spring help health. The 1855 the first wooden bathing facilities were built, with 10 bathers (bathtubs) and 1874 these were converted into stone masons. The 1934 the building of was created Luxury Baths (with the bathtubs) and 2009-2010, after renovation, the existing building was harmoniously connected with the ultra-modern one Loutraki Thermal Spa (with the pools).

Luxury Baths Building – The Baths

Alongside, the 1934, its construction was also completed circular building of Municipal Thermal Spring of Loutraki (C. Lekka 70), on plans of the important architect of the interwar period, Leonida Boni (1896-1963), a little above the Loutraki Thermal Spa (C. Lekka 24).

Circular building of the Municipal Spa

Inside the circular building, the rock from which the Thermal water, surrounded by one Dome, with colonnade, which is decorated with beautiful mosaics.

The impressive mosaics, with issues from Greek mythology, they crafted it 1935-1936 by the Zakynthian painter and professor of the School of Fine Arts, Wreath Xenopoulos (1972/3 – 1952) and his students. Stefanos Xenopoulos was the brother of writer Grigorios Xenopoulos who , except for painting, he also dealt with the art of mosaic.

On its outer side

at Dome, outwardly, there is a mosaic show with him Dance of the Dryads, Nymphs of forests and springs, accompanied by 2 Satyrs, who play music and from 2 children's forms.

Interior of the Dome, the mosaics depict, personalized, the sun god on a chariot being dragged 4 horses and the goddess Night that accompany her 6 angelic child forms. At the entrance and exit of the building there are two beautiful mosaics with Nereids, Nymphs who lived at the bottom of the sea, holding hydrias of water.

The inscription reads "EN NAÓ TOD' AEN HYDOR ARISTON NAEI" (excellent water flows continuously in this temple).



The building of Municipal Thermal Spring of Loutraki (C. Lekka 70) it can be visited daily, with free admission, for browsing (with free guided tour) and positherapy (free). Hours : Monday 9 a.m.- 2 p.m., Tuesday to Friday 9 a.m. – 8 pm. and SK 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (the specific schedule is valid until the month of May). For more information, regarding the change of the entrance time to the Municipal Spa, in the, tel. : 27440 62186, 27440 22215.


We sincerely thank Ms. Vasiliki Laiou – Nikolopoulou, marketing manager at Loutraki Thermal Spa, for the information and photos he provided us.

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