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The Fjords of Rina, deep Kalymnos

Greece Aegean Islands

The small port of Rina, Deep seaport village, Located between cliffs, in a very narrow bay resembling a fjord. The Rina is on the east side of Kalymnos and is the capital, Pothia, about 12 km. Access is from the Deep, the local bus that leaves you about 500 m. off or with your own vehicle. The harbor is full of fishing boats and small but can accommodate yachts.

Rina will swim in the small bays, with crystal waters,You will sit in the taverns, by the sea, for seafood with ouzo, will tour the ancient settlements and Byzantine churches in the area and watch the spectacular dives made by the big rock.

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  • KOLYMVITIKOS DIAPLOUS «RNA-DEEP», is the month of August, with the participation of locals and visitors.
  • «FOUNTANELES ", i.e. dips in the Rina rock located on the port side, after the restaurant "The port of Vathi '.

You can register, those who want, phoning the Municipality of Kalymnos. All, young and old, men and women, They can take part in the competition "fountanelas», the most spectacular dive.

  • DIVING-SCUBA DIVING, for beginners and advanced divers, accompanied by experienced divers, Information KALYMNOS Kayak Center,, tel. : 2243031132 and to, tel. : 22430 47253 , 6972002615, 6974646413.
  • ROCK CLIMBING IN THE RINAS, you can climb a rock, with the appropriate equipment available you KALYMNOS Kayak Center. The hidden port It is a climbing area located on the right side of the fjord, Deep in the Valley, contains 4 climbing routes, ranging between 6, 6b, 7 7b and offers an ideal diving spot with rocks with depth 25 m.

Kalymnos, annually, open about 100-150 new paths, Greek and foreign climbers, the most known are "one peak". Each year, October, is the island in Climbing Festival, «Kalymnos Rock Climbing Festival» (Municipality information Kalymnos, tel.: 2243059445).

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  • AROMATHERAPY IN DEEP WATER, activity that you can do is called DEEP WATER SOLO (DWS), and about solo rock climbing the existence of water from below, in the climbing base, to prevent falls. Usually there is a boat waiting, which helps the climber (Information KALYMNOS Kayak Center, tel. : 2243031132).

  • SEA TOUR BOAT, rent a boat and make a private tour of the surrounding beaches and while fishing, diving and snorkeling (Daily boat rental).

The nearby beaches Kambi, Big and Little Almyra, located a short distance from the port of Rina and is easily accessible by sea, indicated for rest and relaxation. The KALYMNOS Kayak Center (Krkrc), It offers boats for rent with speed 30 hp, for which no license is required.

  • MARINE CANOE KAYAK, you can rent the equipment for a kayak ride in the Rina bay or to nearby beaches. Close to aquaculture facilities, in the area, if you're lucky, You will encounter dolphins.

The KALYMNOS Kayak Center, We can offer you single and double kayaks studio, single and double kayaks, SUP and marine circles.

  • caving, Cave Daskalio, Steve. side of Rina Bay is accessible only by boat, It has many stalactites and archaeological discoveries waiting to be explored.


  • «Greek», the early Christian settlement of Rina, (5th – 6th A.D. c.). Abandoned and rebuilt the 10The c., as evidenced by the many Byzantine churches in the area.
  • «Ebola», the archaeological site of the ancient fortress, (inside 4th A.D. c.). located B. the village close and you will see the walls of the fortress and beside the Temple of Archangel Michael, with impressive frescoes.
  • «prisons», outpost, Hellenistic
  • «Kastraki», remains of the Hellenistic era
  • «Peristeria hill», Vathi, with habitation remains from prehistoric to the Archaic period.

SIGHTS – historical monuments – BYZANTINE CHURCHES IN DEEP

  • Palaiopanagia, basilica, Located between the fort "Ebola" and Hellenistic outpost "Prison".

It is the biggest basilica in the Deep, with wall sections, mosaics, mosaics, semicircular arch, great altar, remnants synthronon, baptistery complex, diakonikon, masonry staircase in loft, cistern and various prior constructions. NW. of 'Palaiopanagia "will see two early Christian funerary buildings and an early Christian stone base olive press.

  • Commander Michael, Ebola, Early Christian church (6th A.D. c.), B is. the ancient fortress "Ebola". It's type basilica, brick, with architectural elements from ancient materials, with wooden roof, 3 entrance and vestibule. On the floor there is a colorful mosaics and frescoes on the walls of various ages.

Characteristic are Michael Archangel murals, after the restoration and their emergence. The most typical is the triform Prayer, with Christ Pantocrator, a monumental and larger form, blessing with his right hand and his left holding a closed Gospel, which is decorated with diamonds. The other two forms of Prayer is the Virgin Mary and Saint John the Baptist. The frescoes also impressive is the Entry into Jerusalem, where Christ is looking towards the Jews (11th -12th c.), the Annunciation (14th c.), Saint Nicholas blessing holding the Gospel, detail from the Nativity etc.. During the middle Byzantine times, The interior of the church served as the burial place of the nave and narthex.

  • Church of the Anastasis, basilica
  • St. Irene Church, basilica

Byzantine Churches

  • Lady Kyra Hosti, Byzantine church (11th A.D. c.), dedicated to the Assumption. Located on the road before we reach the harbor of Rina.

According to tradition Vathi Kalymnos believers went to church to attend the Divine Liturgy, Resurrection of Christ. Suddenly voices were heard that "pirates come"And as he caught the faithful fear, They begged the Virgin Mary to save them saying "Virgin chosou on earth». Then the Church with their faithful, He rammed into the earth and thus named "Kyra Hosti". The church consists of three parts, where in the east will see rich iconography. Inside and outside the church there are several built-in architectural, probably from the adjacent basilica. The church was renovated from the Metropolis 1992.

  • Commander, small Byzantine church (13th -14th A.D. c.), in N. aisle of the early Christian basilica of the Archangel Michael, Ebola.
  • St. John the Theologian or Theologaki, Byzantine church (13th A.D. c.), the road just before you reach the fertile valley of Vathi village. He is young, one aisle, with tile roof, built on the ruins of an early Christian basilica, with preserved frescoes.
  • Kyra Psili, B is. from the Deep. According to tradition, the monastery built a Kalymnios, who had converted and when he returned to his hometown and remembered his roots, believe in God again. Another legend says that a shepherd searching for a lost goat, from the flock, He entered the cave and there he found an image of Virgin Mary. Try to download it on his village but halfway, the image again returning back to the cave. Then the locals formed the cave into a church.

Celebrates the Assumption, at 15 August, where a festival in the Deep, procession with the image in the village and then feast, dancing and food, where the traditional dish is offered "mououri» (lamb stuffed).


In the port of Rina will find stalls where fresh fruit sold, from the fertile valley of Vathi, (figs, grapes etc.), cheeses, sweets and natural sponges, from the bottom of Kalymnos. Before leaving Kalymnos, buy local thyme honey, 100% organic, with rate thyme, according to the analysis, over 85%. Honey produced by the Deep settlement region and Arginonta, from producer Mr.. Michael Platsa (for information and tasks at your place, on the phone : 6937965294).


Municipality Kalymnos, tel. : 2243059141, 2243041209, 2243041206, 2243059445

Port of Kalymnos, tel. : 2243024444, 2243041133

Kos Port, tel. : 2242026594

airport Kalymnos, tel. : 2243059302, 2243048602

Kos International Airport "Hippocrates", tel. : 2242056000, 2242051591, 2242051567

ANEM FERRIES, tel. : 22430 51630, for Pothia - Mastichari routes

taxi Kalymnos, tel. : 2243050300


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